Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Swatch & EOTD with Lavshuca Star Decoration Eyes PK-1

I hasn't bought any palette for the past few months as i was too focused on skincare lately. Palettes are always my fav way to do up my eyes as compare to single eyeshadow. As i'm someone with the least creativity on creating eye look.

Therefore Lavshuca has always attracted my attention for their lovely palette combination, not only on design but also on shades. In my opinion, their collection are more suitable for soft look. On my HK trip i bought one of them home as i love their sweet & cute packaging design.

This Star Decoration Range was launched in Jan 2011. The collection have a total of 5 shades to suit different taste or preference.

I bought it in PK-1, its like a whole of sweetiness lock in its bronzy case. Ever since i wore the Dior Ready to Glow Palette I fell in love in pink & shiny colors for my eyelids. As they can define my eyes better n the same time brighten them instantly. OK, Back

They gave easy to read chinese instruction with pics to show how the eyeshadow could be wore.

hmmm the bronzy case look was actually part of the packaging and not the palette...

I did a swatch for it, the color payoff was pretty good.
(L to R) Metallic Pink, Pearly white, Chocolate Shimmer & Gold Glitters

This is how the Eyeshadow look on my eyelid.

Indoor Lighting

Natural Sunshine

I love this palette right now and had been wearing it constantly for the past 2 weeks. Yes you read me right, 2 weeks. As this sweet shades matches my clothing very well. The weather here is getting hotter so i prefer to dress up light & casual (light colors clothing) for my work days. Or maybe i got sick over bronze & brown already? never mind that. The overall wearing experience was good, i was afraid that the glitters would flake off my lids and end up on my under eyes area. Luckily it did not and the color stay on all day with touch up! As i'm lazy to bring so many touch-up items for work. Its staying power on my lids does impressed me abit now.


  1. I love the colours, especially the pink and the frosty white! Thank you for the swatches~!

  2. love the colours!!it suits the skin really well!

  3. Omg, so pretty! No wonder you've been wearing it for the past two weeks. =D

  4. Ahhh you know I love Lavshuca or anything beginning with the letter L *hint Lunasol hint* hahaha xD

    Such a pretty wearable look, I can see why you've been reaching for PK-1 for the past two weeks!

  5. I have this and love the Star Deco palettes :)


thank u so much for ur sweet comments!


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