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Mascara Review 17 : La Rose Versailles Waterproof Gorgeous Long Mascara (Black)

Description extracted from

"Creer Beaute La Rose Versailles Waterproof Gorgeous Long Mascara (Black) contains extra long fibres. The waterproof formula allows you to have dense and long eyelashes upon repeated application in a flash with enhanced gorgeous feeling. The head of the eyelash brush is specially designed to result in clearly defined curly lashes.
*We have used our best efforts to accurately display the colors of the products, however the actual color you see will depend on your monitor and may not be accurate."

I grabbed this mascara from my HK as its anime character packaging attracted me somehow. Ok, i'm def not a anime fan at all but that did not stop me from exploring them! Mascara has always been one of my MUST-HAVE and love to try product since their lifespan are recommend to be 3 months so even though i hasn't hit pan, i would still toss it in the bin for another one.

Doesn't the packaging looks dreamy to you? Very princessy in a anime style!

The real thing taken by me. My photography skills need to be polish up a lot more.. i know that

Brief description on the product in chinese, bascially its saying long lashes will enhance the look of your eyes to make them noticeable from afar. This mascara is specially formulated to create long long lashes and waterproof too.

I like the pic description above, which means lengthening, no smudging, sweatproof & waterproof!

The simple pink & black plastic tube bottle.

This fibres that this mascara contains is really fine and thin. Very suitable for mutiple application for extra lengthening effect without looking clumpy.

basically its a easy way to achieve long lashes in just 5 steps..

i enhanced the look alittle with a few more brushes and applying full eye makeup.

Content: 8g
Price: HKD98, USD12.60

This mascara live up to its reputation of lengthening as all of you can see. Its true that you don't need very expensive mascara to do the job. Drugstore ones work as good as those high-end ones too. The skinny fibre work very well in layering the long lashes and makes them longer. I like how you can lengthen them just by applying a few more layers without making them look thick and clumpy. it takes a bit of effort in getting them curl, you really need to curl your lashes well with your curler before applying to avoid your long lashes leap in front of your sight.

Another use of this mascara is to layer on top of other non-performing mascara to make those failure mascara works. (its also a way to be green! than tossing them out within their lifespan)


  1. Thanks for the review Karen. The mascara wells really well for you. I haven't tried a fiber mascara before so this looks really interesting.

  2. Amazing result! I tend to stay away from fiber mascaras, but this is fabulous!

  3. woww looks fab! it easy to remove too?

  4. @ Kalmo, fibre mascaras are in the hype these days as they can promise more lengthening power but some tend to turn clumpy after mutiple application, something to note is that you have to take extra care in removing as the tiny fibres can creep into your eyes and cause irritation...

    @ Jamilia, i know what you mean, i tend to stay away from them as i got an awful experience getting fibres trap in my eyes causing me to tears for hours... but when extra care is taken its GD!

    @evie, Yes, absolutely! i remove it effortlessly with my Paul & Joe Eye makeup remover!

  5. Ohhhh, what an amazing mascara! I kind of wish that they carried more Asian makeup in America.

  6. Ohhh this looks gooooood. Thank you super much for bringing to me attention!

  7. Great Mascara reviews!!! I got to read all your old posts ;)


thank u so much for ur sweet comments!


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