Thursday, July 14, 2011

Review: Maybelline Total Beauty Express Makeup Remover

Makeup Removal product is a must have for most of us but I hasn't been sharing much about what i used to remove my makeup so i need to back track a bit to this product i tried back in March 2011. I started to use eye & lip remover from Jan 2011, yes i'm kinda late on this. As i tend to be lazy and always think that cleansing oil alone could do the job. But as i age i realised that i need to take better care of my eye areas & minimize the risk of stretching them creating more fine lines...

This product was picked up from Watson as i wanted to try out drugstore (hidden gems) than just any other branded ones.

It comes in clear plastic bottle that allows me to monitor how much left in the bottle. The liquid is in two layer, top (purplish), bottom (clear)

Price: SGD9.90
Content: 70ml
Even though its indicated that its suitable for sensitive skin but it wasn't that mild for my use. I belong to the combination (dry + oily) club so if the product is indicated as sensitive it should def work as in not harsh on my skin. But after several times of use, i experienced some kind of heating sensation at my delicate eye area at the outer corner of my eyes. It feel like after too much friction is applied kind of mild burning feeling. Towards the end of finishing it (yes i stay on this product till the end, as i want to find out if its my makeup? skincare? or this cause it) the skin at outer area of my eyes start to get slightly red. I'm totally not sure what went wrong, maybe my skin is allergic to certain thing it contains or other cosmetics that i wear...

But all is well after i start on the next product...


  1. Sorry this product was not very sensitive, thanks for the review. Hope you find something more gentle in the future.

  2. Awwww... that sucks that this product didn't work for you.

  3. I've been using L'oreal waterproof make up remover for hard to remove make up and it hasn't given me trouble for 2 year..I'd recommend the eye make up remover from the brand 'Simple', no fragrance, no colors, very gentle...check it out and I hope I helped!

  4. @Kalmo thanks gal, i'm using the L'oreal one which is quite gentle IMO

    @Denysia I hate that too but i always have to know after trying...

    @Blackmentos guess what, i'm on it right now. It had been almost 2 months and its on its very last drop. should be able to last me for tonight..


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