Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Lens Review: Geo Medical Princess Mimi Chocolate Brown Lens

I love circle lens, what about you? It all started with my first encounter to Freshlook Color Blend (its still one of my fav!). I just can't help but love to see myself wearing different look just because of the change color lens and also how my eyes are widen up or you may say look more awake. Till date, I still prefer blacks & browns are they don't make me stand out from my peers too much to avoid unwanted attention. My office is still conservative about too drama looking people working here. Even falsies are consider too over... so i can only feed my addiction silently.

Tsubasa Masuwaka is one of my favorite Japanese model for Japan Street Fashion look! Especially her famous DollyWink products that you can see her posing sweetly on the packaging! I had tried the her Dollywink products so I hop on to try out her range of circle lens.


Initially I was quite worried if the color would stand out too much based on the review pictures shown in the website. As the lens look really bright brown with a bit of red tone. But still I purchased as they look really pretty!

They reached me safe & sound. The seller packed it really safely with lot of bubblewrap! It took a bit of effort to remove the lens from the bottles but at least I know they are well sealed up.

See how the actual lens looks like... reddish brown that look a bit too loud for my taste. 
*Remember to soak your new lens overnight before wearing them!*

 The actual thing is definitely pretty by itself. Since I already bought it  I need to try it out!

Available: Shoppingholics.com
Price: USD23.90 (a pair) 
Origin: Korea
Diameter : 15.0mm

Water Content : 38%Base Curve : 8.6mm
Life Span : 1 year disposal

I wore them to work recently and was asked by many about my new eye color. Ok, its wasn't too over the top & of course its not a silent color to choose from if you want to just merge into the crowd. Surprisingly, I'm quite satisfied with the lens color on me. My black pupil seems to tone down the brightness of the lens. Most of the comments I received are compliments haha *blushing* Maybe its my hair color that also helped in matching with the lens I think.

The overall wearing experience was great! No discomfort at all, after wearing them for long day like 10 hours or slightly more. The lens are slightly thicker than my usual daily wear contact lens. They are easy to remove for wash. I accidentally stained them with my eyeliner and it was easier remove after some rubbing using the solution.

Have you tried any color/circle lens? Any recommendation what lens would be nice for asian?

*Item reviewed was purchased using my own money*

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  1. They give your eyes a nice mysterious look...I've tried several colored lens before but all from freshkon...I'm tempted to order from honeylenses and other sites. Aren't contacts just such a fun way to change your look? :)


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