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My Backup/Stocked Up Collection 我的备用/庫存收藏

Hi Everyone,

It had been a long week for me as i have lotsa deadline and work to be rush out so sorry. During the past weekend, i had some spare time so decided to tidy up my stash which is occupying a huge chunk of space of my storage. While doing that, i realised i have quite a sizable back up/stocked up collection. So I'm doing this post to remind myself whats within my stash in case i forget them again.



Eye make up remover | 眼唇卸妝
I love using eye makeup remover as they can gently remove my eye makeup with the need of any rubbing action.

My Beauty Diary Peach Soda Eye Makeup Remover | 我的美丽日记水蜜桃苏打眼唇卸妆液 (HK/Sep 2011)
KATE Eye & Lip Makeup Remover | 凱婷眼部專用卸粧液 (HK, Jun 2011)
Ettusais Speedy Eye Make Off  | 艾杜紗速效眼部卸粧液 (HK, Jun 2011)
                                                                       Oil Cleanser | 卸妝
Its a must for me to use oil cleanser to remove all my waterproof makeup. Previously I was using this Kose one for years until I started be adventurous in trying out other brands. Orbis is a new brand that I'm like at the moment.


Kose Sekisho Perfect Cleansing Oil | 高絲 清肌晶 淨透潔顏油 (HK/Sep2011)
Orbis Cleansing Liquid | Orbis 淨卸妝露 (HK/Sep 2011) 最爱

Toner | 化妝水
Toners are one of my favorite skincare product as they makes my skin feels good and prepare them for the rest of my skincare routine. One thing is that they run out really fast on me! My skin is practically drinking them...

化妝水是我最喜歡的護膚品之一,因為他們皮膚感覺很好. 幫助皮膚對護膚程序其餘部分準備

SKII Facial Treatment Essence | SK-II青春露
Neutrogena Clear Pore Oil Controlling Astringent |
Boots Botanics Complexion Refining Toning Lotion |
Ettusais Acne Aqua Shooter | 艾杜紗 藥用荳蔻瞬間保濕化粧水
Boots Botanics Skin Brightening Toner |
Kose Junkisei Prime Toner | 高絲高保濕化粧水

Primer | 妝前‧打底

Benefit That Gal Brightening Face Primer |  Benefit 哇!亮顏棒(gifted frm Bestie)
Laura Mercier Foundation Primer | Laura Mercier 喚顏凝露-保濕型 (gifted frm Bestie)
Shiseido Refining Makeup Primer | 資生堂 時尚色繪 尚質粧前乳 (SG/2010)
Kokuryudo Point Magic Makeup Base | 黑龍堂 毛孔遮瑕粉底隔離霜 (HK/Sep 2011)
Fake Lashes | 假睫毛

Mascara | 睫毛膏

Powder | 蜜粉

If you notice I don't use foundation as i prefer the lightweight loose powder on me. Loose powder have less chances to clog my pores and look less heavy on my face.

Paul & Joe Loose Powder | Paul & Joe 糖瓷蜜粉 (gifted from Bestie)
L'gere BB Powder | 蘭吉兒無瑕透亮BB蜜粉  
Rock & Republic Pressed Powder | (gifted from Bestie)
Candy Doll Mineral Powder | Candy Doll 棉花糖礦物蜜粉
Rimmel Renew & Lift Brightening Powder |

Suncreen | 防曬

Hada Labo Air UV Milk SPF30/PA+++ | 肌研 肌呼吸 極輕透防曬隔離乳SPF30 PA+++
Orbis UV Cut Suncreen Super SPF50+PA+++ | Orbis UV Cut Suncreen Super SPF50+PA+++
Orbis UV Cut Sunscreen On Face SPF34 | UV Cut Sunscreen On Face SPF34

Bare Escentuals SPF 30 Natural Sunscreen |

BB Cream | BB霜
Maybelline BB Mineral Cream | 媚比琳 純淨礦物防曬BB霜SPF50 PA+++
Hada Labo Air BB Cream | 肌研 肌呼吸 極粉嫩BB霜SPF20 PA++ (亮白膚色)
Elisha Coy Gold Mineral BB Cream |

Base | 妝前‧打底
I love love love this product that I stock up heavily!
Shu Uemura UV Under Base Mousse | 植村秀妝前泡沫底霜SPF30 PA+++(Beige)

Lip Balm | 唇部保養

Drugstore The Little Pink Tin |
Dior Creme De Rose Lip Balm | CD迪奧 玫瑰粉潤護唇膏
Philosophy Kiss of Hope |
Kyoto Maiko Lip Balm |
Laura Mercier Lip Silk | Laura Mercier 修護潤唇霜
Wild Ferns Manuka Honey Lip Balm |

Do you do any stock up? if yes, i would want to see.

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  1. hi, may i know where did you get your dior rose lip balm


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