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Review: Olay White Radiance Luminous Whitening Blocker SPF50 PA+++ | OLAY高效隔離防曬乳液加強型SPF50

Do you gals use sunblock or suncreen with or without makeup? Seriously I don't until early this year when my gf told me I should as UV are one of the main causes of aging & causing damage to our skin. I usually tell myself I don't need suncreen as my base makeup contains SPF ranging  from 15 to 35. Its an excuse that I always tell myself. The fact is I'm lazy and also quite fearful on how my skin would absorb the sunscreen or not. As I ever encountered some sticky texture sunscreen that makes my face feel very uncomfortable. After the advice given by my gf & reading various reviews on some sunscreen I decided its time to add this into my daily makeup routine.

This is what I picked! Olay White Radiance Luminous Whitening Blocker SPF50 as Dee Hsu was endorsing it, simply can't help as I'm dying to own a flawless skin like her.

As its purchased in HongKong, the instructions and explanation are in Chinese so I extracted the English version from According to the packaging, this is the improved & enhanced formula!

Olay WHITE RADIANCE Luminous Whitening Blocker SPF 50 PA+++ protects against UV rays and moisturizes the face and the neck. It provides dual protection, resisting UVA and UVB, which lasts long.

Evenly apply a proper amount to cleansed and toned face and neck every morning. You may apply for many times in the daytime according to your needs.

Main Ingredients:

  • 【Methylene Bis-Benzotriazolyl Tetramethylbutylphenol】protects against UV rays.
  • 【Ethylhexyl Methoxycinnamate, Homosalate, Octocrylene, Phenylbenzimidazole Sulfonic Acid】act as a UV Absorbent Agent. 

Its packed in a durable plastic tube, why would I say durable as it can withstand all the squeezing & squashing without spilling the content when I simply stuff it in between gaps of my luggage when I was travelling back. Before doing that, I took a pic of the box before tossing it to the bin as my luggage simply cannot fit any additional load.

             I like the simplicity of the packaging, just pure white tube with some small wordings.

I was actually quite surprised at how thoughtful OLAY packaging team are! They actually sealed the opening to ensure its freshness till I open it. This deserve a thumbs up! These days most product are not sealed to this extent, usually the company will tag a seal sticker either on the opening of the box or between the cap and bottle so that you can spot if its tamper with.

This product is white in color but turn colorless after spreading them on skin. The texture are not  heavy to touch, easy application as the formula is light & smooth.

Its easily absorb into my skin as per picture above, just seconds of application my skin is ready for makeup! It doesn't have matte or sheer finishes so it can look really natural on your skin when you are not intending to put on makeup as it feels like a skincare to me.

I found a video on the famous Taiwanese Beauty Show introducing Olay White Radiance Luminous Whitening Blocker SPF50 PA+++. 

Sorry, the language is in Chinese so is the subtitles.

Part 1/2

 Part 2/2

Price: USD18.50/NT570/
Content: 40ml

I'm really glad that I added this to my skincare routine as it wasn't as troublesome as i thought it would be. Maybe I should thank to the non-greasy & featherlight cream lotion formula that did not scare me off at the thought of sunscreen. *shooo* to those sample sunscreens I tried previously that almost got me to give up on buying this. I do feel some slight difference after using it since June 2011, I no longer worried about my skin getting dark. Uneven skin tone still stays as they can never let me off so easily! I'm proud to say at least my skin shade is quite consistent than the previous ups & downs. Living in a tropical island like Singapore, owning a sunscreen is a must as they are the first defence product we need against aging!

Do you own a sunscreen? Let me know what you are using!

*I'm slow in typing chinese, so the chinese portion of the review coming up soon.


  1. Sounds fab! I need to look for this in Arabia, as I doubt that they would have it in the UK! I ALWAYS wear a separate sunscreen on my face, neck and chest, and apply it to the back of my hands (and anything else that's exposed). Works!

  2. Great blog! I was thinking to get one of that either><

  3. Hellohello!! Do you know where to get this product in sg? :)

    1. Hi, watson is selling this although the packaging is slightly different ;)

      I'm still on my first tube, its lasted me for about a year! hitting pan soon


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