Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Hair Color Review: Etude House Bubble Hair Coloring #02 Dark Brown

I decided its time for me to do something about my revealing black hair roots... my hair is in need of touch-up as its creating contrast between my previous hair color and new grown out black hair. Its a hassle I know but thats the price to pay to have colored hair. Bought this Etude House Bubble Hair Coloring on gmarket which looks interesting to try.

By the way, I'm not a colored hair person as I find it a pain to do the touch-up every few months when the black roots start to show. Since I'm already facing something like that rather than ignoring it, re-coloring it sounds fun at the moment to me..

Etude House Bubble Hair Coloring in #02 Dark Brown

 Brown seems to be a safe color to start off with for beginner ppls like me

 The box is printed with instructions teaching you HOW TO.

The content of the box is also indicated and pictured on the box.
This is the content that you should be expecting for the purchase.

they actually provide latex gloves not those cheapo plastic bag material gloves.
And also a plastic cape for you to cover over your shoulder.

STEP 1:  You need to break the opening of the mixing liquid pack

 STEP 2: Open up the foam pump bottle (clear liquid is already present)

 STEP 3: Pour & mix the mixing liquid & the clear liquid in the bottle together.

 STEP4: Put on the Latex Gloves
 STEP 5: Start to pump the bubbles and work on your hair!

STEP 6: Set the dye set on your hair for 30 mins before rinsing off

30 Mins Later!

This is the final result!
Price: SGD10 each (inclusive of shipping from Korea to Singapore)
Available: Gmarket.com.sg or Gmarket.co.kr

My Review:
Was initially worried if the mix would be enough for my hair as my hair length is consider long that reach the mid of my back. Luckily its slightly more than enough... Its a very fuss free way of doing self coloring to my hair without staining myself as the bubble are drip free.Despite the low price, they sure did not compromise on the quality of products. Usually, I'm expecting some thin plastic bag material glove that can be torn during the process of the coloring but they include latex material one that has a better fitting. There is indeed some annoying chemical smell after the use of the hair dye but it goes away in a day after 2 wash i think.

The color is much vibrant & light as compare to the pic indicated even though its dark brown. 30 mins application time is just right for the color to cling onto my hair.I believe the color would fade lighter with a few more wash. I'm quite impressed on this product as Asian hair always have the issue of not picking up colors.

I still have another pack in #03 Light brown, but i have second thoughts in trying them now after seeing how effective they are. Who knows I'm still 2 months away from my next session.


  1. Amazing colour! I've never used Asian hair colours because I actually have dark brown, not black hair - that colourant looks REALLY powerful and delivers a great result!

  2. This look fabulous. Such a warm and rich colour.

  3. I never knew Etude House did hair dyes! The colour looks good!

  4. hee there are so many different bubble dyes out there to choose from! and they look so fun to use unlike the normal kind..the colour payoff is good! is it drying?


thank u so much for ur sweet comments!


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