Thursday, November 10, 2011

Shopping: Sharing My Shoe Adventure!

Recently, I had been very into shoes. Another of my addiction surfacing, hope I will not get worse and pile up more than what my shoe cabinet can take in. In fact, these are all still in my office as I have no courage bringing them home especially I bought these within 2 consecutive days!

Hasn't share any shopping for quite a while so I thought of sharing these with like minded ones...

Soft grey velvet open toes flats
Love its unique zipper design that make it special from the rest of the shoes i saw from the store. How interesting to know that just a small touch of design, the overall feel of the shoe would be so indifferent. Open toes are my favorite!

White Polka black rattan heels
Rattan material shoes are hardly in black so this is one of my to be buy point. I'm biased when it comes to material used for shoes or bags. Canvas & rattan are my favorite as they are more durable to wear & tear. I love polka dots, and this heels is super cute to match with black top & pants as they just brighten up the look instantly. Did you realized its open toes shoe again!

Anchor Style Blue & White Flat Pumps
This one, I have to confessed I was persuaded by my friend to get it as they say I seriously lack of a decent flat pump. Yes, I don't own any till date. Guess its no harm adding this to my shoe collection. But till now, I have no idea on how to match them and look not so short!

Black Quilt Design Heels
An all black heel is a MUST for my shoe collection as they are my best bet when it comes to matching clothing on any other day. Black is like a universal color that can match with any color you are wearing! I could see myself wearing this more often than the rest... Quilt design that remind me of Chanel immediately, ok Chanel is expensive so its like a sub indulgence I'm on.

What shoes do you like at the moment or whats your recent shoe buys?


  1. I love peep-toes especially when they have bows on them! :D

  2. Yay to shoes! I just bought 2 pairs from Pazzion a couple of days ago.. hehe.. :p
    I love heels with bow details!


thank u so much for ur sweet comments!


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