Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Mascara Review #19 | ZA Impact Lash Mascara LONG EXTREME EXTENSION

 ZA (baby of shiseido) recently released a new range of mascara that are design specially for  Asian women’s eyes which got me can't help but feel really curious. As their model are all flawlessly pretty!  In order to cater to all kinds of eyelash needs, they have released a total of 3 types of mascaras for this range alone.


Can you tell from the pics above who is wearing what?

So far I managed to pick 2 out of the 3 types they released. Today, I'm reviewing the LONG Extreme Extension version.

Pink & black are the great match for extra touch of cuteness.

I love the sleek slim brush the most as it can work on the tiniest lash I got.

Price: SGD17.50 each
Available: Watsons SG

My Review:
The slim brush tip is really handy when it comes to tackling the small tiny lashes at the corner of my eyes. No lash could escape from this brush applicator at all. It does a neat job by not staining my lid, not even abit. Applying mascara on my lower lash become a easy task all thanks to the unique slim brush. Can't help to compliment non-stop for the brush design. Since its a baby brand of Shiseido I do expect quality for its formula. And YES it managed to deliver up to my standard. Lashes are well curl & freeze in shape for hours & hours with showing signs of flaking (as this mascara contains fibers).  This is probably the only mascara that I could use the phrase "less is more" as I only used one coat since its texture is slightly richer/thicker as compare to other mascara. Just one coat is enough for it to make miracle happen for my lashes. The easy access for purchase & affordable price tag makes it a winner for me to call it a staple for my makeup kit.

*Item was purchased using my own money


  1. Aw I wish they sold this brand here! Love your lashes! :D

  2. Wow, looks like it managed to coat all your lashes really evenly without clumping! Personally I'm in love with kiss me heroine makes a lot of my lashes visible from the front like never before! If I ever finish up my mascara back ups this looks good.

  3. amazing definitaion and seperation between your lashes. must check this out x


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