Monday, December 12, 2011

Nail Swatch: OPI Brand New Skates (Christmas 2008)

Time is slipping away unknowingly when it comes to end of the year. Imagine we are days away from Christmas, New Year, Chinese New Year & St Valentine Day! I'm already into the festive mode even though so far my family have no big plans about celebrating it. When I was searching for nail polish this weekend, I found this Christmas shade that was released by OPI back in 2008! I was a beginner into this beauty blogsphere then so these shades are almost new as I'm too scared to wear loud or dark color at that point of time.

Tiny Toybox - Holiday In Toyland Collection (OPI)

Contains: 1 x 3.75ml Glamour Game 1 x 3.75ml Brand New Skates 1 x 3.75ml Little Red Wagon 1 x 3.75ml Don't Toy With Me!

I tried the forumla, no foul smell and smooth to apply so I reckon they are safe to use.

This is a shiny silver that is packed with alot of very fine shimmers. Under the sun reflection, I could spot the colorful shimmers that is hidden within the fomula especially the red ones are much obvious so to a certain angle I would think that this shade actually look as if it contains some red in it.

Are you really to put on some festive shades on your nails?


  1. Brand New Skates is one of my absolute fave polishes. I bring it out every holiday season and it makes me so happy :)

    xo, alison*elle

  2. That's such a gorgeous color!! I've been totally straying away from my bright polishes and have been only wearing grays and neutrals...I love that color, it reminds me of a gray I've got from skin food...full of fine shimmer. I need another bottle soon!


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