Thursday, December 29, 2011

Preview | December 2011 Glama Box Christmas Special

Subscription Beauty Box is the HOT topic in the beauty blogsphere since few months ago. I'm glad that finally we could have access to them (not one but 3 brands so far)! Today, I'm introducing to you glamabox that is based in HK but I think they have offices here too. For SGD18 a month you will get 4-5 fashion or beauty products hand-picked by Lisa S (model & wife of Daniel Wu)! You can really expect some kind of surprise as it could be anything from cosmetics, skincare, hair or even fashion products.

This month, its Christmas so its called Glamabox Christmas Special!

The box is accompanied with a Christmas Greeting Card from Lisa S.

Letter from Lisa S & team

There are 6 items for this month box, but they sent me the wrong card I think as I got the Thann body milk instead of the Bioessence products. But its ok as Thann is inaccessible to me & I can try Bioessence easily from here.


Price: SGD18 per month
Available: Glamabox

Since its Christmas, they included 6 different kinds of products for you to test out. All items are decently sized, should be enough for me to try out if they are suitable for me. One of the item they included is a Clinical Solution Skin Treatment @ Touche Elite worth SGD258 (I'm not sure if I'm gonna try this as I'm quite scared of pushy beautician who may led me into impulse purchase especially packages (I'm weak willed). The good thing about such boxes are they give you chance to have a try on products that you might not heard of or even consider to pay full price for. As compare to BellaBox (another subscription box) I would say its quite comparable for now. I'm still subscribed to both & will keep you update if the content are worth my money.

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  1. you should try vanitytrove! I sent you an email on that right? Their products look so much more promising plus we know whats in the box. At least seems like it la. Hopefully the mascara doesn't come mini sized... hahaaha.

    We do have thann in singapore!

  2. Wow, I need to get in one of these beauty sample subscription services. They all sound great. I agree that these type of boxes are great because you get the chance to try a variety of products out.

  3. i signed up with glamabox for dec. well, and now i just subscribed with Bellabox to compare both before i decide to terminate one of it =)

  4. i signed up for vanitytrove as well, i heard its the best amongst all the beauty brands so far. there's also a review about them from msglitzy on omy. check it out

    1. How exciting that more of these beauty subscription services are popping up in Singapore.


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