Tuesday, June 12, 2012

NEW | Jill Stuart Roll On Fragrance

I love Jill Stuart! I love floral prints & girly stuffs if you realized. Last year, I bought JS Night Jewel perfume during my hongkong trip last year as the scent was so mesmerizing. And also the bottle should claim more credits in luring me into purchasing it. Since I mark it on my shopping list way before I test it out personally. At first when I test, it has a sweet light floral scent at the start and gradually towards the later part of the day, the scent changes and turns feminine kind of scent (floral based). 

When I received the mailer that roll-on fragrance was born for this perfume line. I'm so excited to share, of course I'm gonna pick that up on my next overseas trip if I can have access to JS counter. One more thing to take note, their perfume are pretty lasting so remember a little goes a long way!

In stores June 15, 2012 Limited Edition

JILL STUART 2012 New Roll On Fragrance 
・Jill by Jill Stuart Eau de Toilette Roll On
10 ml HKD$210
Casting magic over your sweet dreams.
A beautiful, fragrant jewel that holds a hidden inner sparkle.

・JILL STUART Night Jewel

Eau de Toilette Roll On
10 ml HKD$210
Sparkle like Cinderella.
A magical fragrance that resonates with romantic echoes.

・JILL STUART Vanilla Lust

Eau de Parfum Roll On
10 ml HKD$230
Unforgettable after just a single touch.
A vanilla fragrance that draws you into sweet seduction.

*Limited quantity, while stock lasts.

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