Friday, February 13, 2015

Ticket booking through Lufthansa

Planning for a trip isn't easy, it includes surfing lots of information on where to go, schedules, prices and of course blogger tips & reviews. I did went through such pain so decided to pen this down for sharing.

We made plans since last year September to set our foot on USA actually but it turns out the tickets from Singapore to USA cost almost the same from Scotland to USA (my bro was studying there). So we decided, well its not that worth for him after all. So we switched our destination to UK/Europe, big jump hun.. Glad we made the choice early, at least in time for various airline year end promotions.
London was the choice of our first stop right away as brother is in Scotland. It make more sense to meet him there first. Apart from London, nothing else was confirm.

We came across promotion from Air France, Emirates and finally Lufthansa. Airfrance had attractive pricing of SGD999 for major Europe cities and SGD1,088 for London. But it required us to fly before 31 Jan 2015. I remembered Emirates was offering somewhat close but we decided to wait abit, there comes Lufthansa.
Somehow I have pretty good impression of this airline and want to give it a try. After some googling, found these.


Navigation through the website was a breeze, as mine was different destination I would need to select search with more options on the front page. We entered our choice and here came the damage. Average S$983.50 each. Just did a check, flight with same conditions now cost $1,924.60. That's almost double of what I paid for.

1. Promotions for Europe and UK trips usually starts to kicks right after end of the year, starting from Jan-Feb, travel before Mar or till May. Usually these promotions require you to travel before the peak period which is Jun onwards.
e.g. Air France sent out mailer in Aug'14 for travel before 31 May 2015.
2. Booking through Lufthansa website will lead you to the page where you need to pay for seats option. Save your money and ignore that, take advantage of the free seat selection prior 23 hours before check-in.
3. Lufthansa is part of StarAlliance, be sure to take advantage of your miles card for accumulating points. I'm using Krisflyer, or you can sign up the miles and more card from Lufthansa. Will probably dedicate a post on accumulating miles soon.

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