Thursday, November 5, 2009

Blush Review 2: CHANEL Irréelle Blush - 80 Tea Rose

Today was a rather gloomy day here, started off with stormy rain early in the morning filled with lightning and thunder. So i decided to perk myself with some new makeup stuffs like a blush i got from Jess Ohh... pretty SALE! ♥ .

I managed to grab the CHANEL Irréelle Blush ~ 80 Tea Rose. This blush comes with original velvet pouch to prevent scratches, which i personally like to protect my palettes and blush. But guess only the expensive brand would include this.

see how scratchless the casing is

the color was quite soft and quite difficult to show using finger therefore no swatch on hand.
But it comes easily with brush which is weird i think. Anyway here's the swatch on me below!

my face with only Lotree bb cream + BM concealer + Lotree compact powder, my pore could be spotted in this pic.
no natural lighting as its raining heavily so this shot was done using room lighting.

here's the look with the blush on. The color certainly brighten up my face.

other than using this blush, i tried on the Rimmel Glam Mascara, see it on next post!


  1. That's a really pretty colour! ♥

    For brands that don't come with pouches, maybe you can make your own? ;D Pouches are pretty easy to sew up. :P

  2. the color looks really pretty on your cheeks!

  3. Sweetie, you are fair!!! Tea Rose gave you such a sweet flush! =D

  4. The colour looks so lovely on your creamy, fair skin!

  5. I have this too!! Comes out really sheer..

  6. I think you look really nice with this blush ^^

  7. Oh, the color looks so good on your fair skin! I'm glad you like it! ;)

  8. The blush looks beautiful on you, honey!

  9. chanel blushes are so pretty! it gives you a nice healthy glow, love it!


thank u so much for ur sweet comments!


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