Monday, November 30, 2009

Lovely Package from

Sorry Helen for the late posting on ur lovely package, i received this weeks back as I won the GRANDE Giveaway from BirkinBagBeauty. She was celebrating her 1st year anniversary. If you have yet check out her blog, here's the link... BirkinBagBeauty she love to do coverage on both fashion and beauty.

She wrapped the item individually, which makes me so excited about opening each of them

Presents revealed!

lifecella mask, i have yet try these yet! but heard that they are good

1st eLF polish so excited to try this out

Lioele compact powder, its my shade!

KOSE, lip gloss

Skyn Iceland daily lotion, i'm waiting for my current skincare to hit pan so i can use this...

Banila Co. Shimmery Pact for highlighting

the pic did not do any justice to the actual stuff

this blush looks really cute

Aube palette, i'm keeping this till x'mas EOTD

Cargo blush

By Terry Hydra Reviver, i read review that this can be use as blush due to the color

Colorborn, a korean brand mascara, i love exploring mascaras...

Extras she included, Lolly from Holland and the handmade brooch that she got from Esty.

Lotree bb cream mini, this is my HG and i got to know this thru BirkinBagBeauty posting...

Extras again from her, i'm not a big fan of cats but this journal book is simply adorable

The fashion part of her giveaway! BN topshop bag, i always wanted to get a bag of this size not too big and not too small. Green is a new color to my collection, if you notice, i'm more toward safe colors.

interior of the bag

the bag actually have two side slots, which i can use to put stuffs like phone, cards etc. Now you make me wana look for a matching shoe!

Gota get back to work and work on my next posting!


  1. Congratulations on winning such a wonderful giveaway! The bag is sooo cute! :D

  2.'re so lucky to get all those stuff....I'm so curious about that lotree bb cream...

  3. Wow, so much awesome stuff! Congrats! That's a really nice bag too :D

  4. Big Congrats on winning BirkinBagBeauty's giveaway, I can foresee lots of reviews :)

  5. That Birkie sure knows how to put together a love bomb!!

  6. Congrats on winning Birkie's giveaway, Karen!!!

  7. Congrats on winning this giveaway, I also joined this giveaway and when I saw ur name I waslike Yay..Karen won^^
    She sent u lots of nice things, can u pls do a review on Banila Co. Shimmery Pact for highlighting?thanks...
    did u read my email?

  8. congrats on winning! and it's really GRANDE!

  9. Congratz on winning the giveaway! The prizes look very sweet! Congratz again !!! =]

  10. GRANDE is right! Congrats on winning such an unbelievably cool giveaway! :D

  11. congratulations on winning!! that is one big prize packet!

    I love the bag, the green is so fun and colorful. I also have heard good things about ELF polishes, but haven't gotten a chance to try them out yet!

  12. wow what a prize huh?hehehhe
    omg i wanna try that lotree b cream,bb cream hunting makes me sick,so many choices !lol
    btw i was just wondering if they have vov castledew,u know the eyehadow palette one in singapore and how much it cost?:P

  13. Wow you have so many stuff !!! :) they all look so pretty I would love a review on the Cargo blush, I have heard sooo many people got it :)

  14. wow... I think Banila Co. Shimmery Pact looks very lovely!! Love the sparkles in it :) Everything u got is really lovely too!

  15. Oh wow! Such a great package of things! I'd love everything you got there! Have fun!


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