Friday, November 20, 2009

My X'mas starts with KOSE Esprique Precious set!

Hows everyones X'mas mood? Has it started?
My X'mas holiday mood has already started as i spotted this KOSE Esprique Precious X'mas set at the mall today while passing by for lunch. I saw it in the mailer the other day but it was indicated that item will only start on sale from 1 Dec. So how can i miss it.. immediately i head towards the counter for checkout haha, fast shopping rite.

Yumeko, bought this recently in Japan too. I was actually expecting for her review but couldn't hold back since its such a great value.

pic as per advert

actual pic by me

here's the content!
The nail polish was of almost the same size as the majolica majorca one which i'm quite pleased as i prefer minis than those full sized one. (so i can buy more for the same space)
the eyegloss, which was rather shimmer

swatch on the eye gloss & lip gloss (more of translucent pink w/ shimmers)

The blush is Jill Stuart inspired kinda combination.

pic of the blush casing... i want a pouch to protect the casing...

even the opening button is so pretty with 2 jewel on it...
the blush with the brush
both pic above are very close to actual shade... its quite bright and not as shimmer as i thought.
For the 1st swept using the blush, it was so shimmer & sheer that i was quite taken back.. but its due to the white shimmers dust as the butterfly decor as you can see in the pic...
will do a full review on this lovely x'mas set tmr!


  1. it's really pretty! esp. the blush
    can't wait for your review! :D
    btw, i think i'm going to send the stuffs in 2 or 3 days :)

  2. Karen, you are making my saliva glands work overtime!!! I can't wait to read your review tomorrow!

    Can you please take a picture of it with a MAC lippie or something similar so we can gauge the size of the blush? Thanks so much =D

    Ahhh, the Sakura Kit Kat is still available? Dang, how I wish I'm in SG!!!

    Go check O2 Skin out! I think they're to your preference since you like the eye jellies from JS =D

  3. I got this set too!! couldn't resist at all.. pretty good value for everything too..

    my Guerlain purchases were made by a friend from DFS, she's an air stewardess, so she gets an extra 20% off the DFS price, so that's less 7% + 20%. Which is a pretty good deal.. If you want, I can try to ask her to get when she flies again. But you might have to wait a while to get the items, depending on her flight schedules. Email me if you're interested =)

  4. i was so sad when the white shimmer dust came off XD

  5. HEY DEAR!!!
    I saw this too but i didnt get my hands on it,waiting for your review,i love love the blush,very JS indeed,i regret not getting anything from JS and Nars,stupid me,sob have you been,long time didnt no chat with you le...have a good week dear

  6. The blush really does look for Jill Stuart, but it looks very pretty all the same! :D I'm (supposedly) done with my Christmas buys, but I think I need to check this one out. :P

  7. great buy!! i love the blush because it's like JS blushes hehe and the eye gloss looks very cute and shimmery

  8. very pretty blush! i think lots of winter collections add a lot of shimmer, it goes well with 'the winter look' can't wait for your review =)

  9. Hi Karen!

    Oh my gosh, I've missed you and your blog so much! Thank you so much for your sweet comments and for checking on me, it meant a lot. I apologize for my long blogger absence as I was going through difficult times but now I'm back. :)

    Great buy! The blush looks super pretty and very Jill Stuart like as you mentioned. I'm excited about Christmas too! ^^

  10. I saw yumekos post about this.....I love the looks so pretty....

  11. i have my eyes on the blush palette!so pretty !hehe
    whats an eyegloss btw?:P

  12. That is an absolutely gorgeous set, Karen! You're so lucky! :)

  13. Hi Karen! Thanks for the pics...I've got an Esprique Precious gloss that I really love...what a great palette!!


thank u so much for ur sweet comments!


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