Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Esprique Precious X'mas set 2009 Swatch/Review

here's the review as promise.

I tested all items this morning, luckily the sky was clear so i could take the pics of the products.

This is the esprique eye gloss, since someone asked its actually liquid eye shadow, normally shimmer and more lasting.

this eyegloss in shimmery white silver. They are really generous with the shimmers.

But i find it hard to match my neutral e/s collection though.

this is the polish that came with the set, its pink with silver undertone and very fine colored shimmers. As under the sun, i could see little tiny blue, red & green. But its indeed a dazzling x'mas with this. I'll be doing all my nails using this color soon.
Just in case, you wonder whats the size of the blush, here's it vs MAC

swatch for the blush, i'm liking the coral color. guess its my fav shade now as blusher!
its slightly sheer, luckily its not very otherwise i would shy away from this set soon.

I tried all kinds of ways to picture lip gloss from the past till now.. finally today, i found the prefect pose for my lips to showcase the gloss to you gals. Its certainly ugly pose so i dun find myself showing my face anytime soon haha..

i like this gloss, its not as sticky as MAC and turns out to be quite lasting. One of my fav gloss for now! The colors is really nice and VERY glossy...

What do you think about this x'mas collection?


  1. Thanks for the swatches, I would totally get the blush and the lip gloss :) very pretty

  2. I'm with Shanghainese Dumpling, the blush looks ever so pretty, along with that gloss your sporting.

  3. I love the Nail Polish & of course the blush....the thing is how to get it...hehe

  4. the lip gloss looks really pretty!
    btw, i just posted my JS haul on my blog :D

  5. The blush and gloss look so pretty! Great pics of those puckering lips!

  6. You're right the blush is a bit sheer. Actually it works better as a highlighter for me unless i layer on the coral/pink shades.. but I still love it =)

  7. Thanks for the swatches! The pink nail polish is so cute!

  8. So pretty! Love the nail polish and lip gloss especially. :)

  9. Thanks for the swatches, Karen!

  10. I agree the lipgloss and blush are super pretty ^^
    Hun sorry for my late reply, I'll reply to ur email tonight...

  11. wow... I love the color of ur lip gloss.. so pretty!

  12. The nail polish looks so pretty, and your lips look so yummy! :p

  13. Everything looks great! You wing your eyeliner so well, I'm jealous! LOL. The lip color looks very nice, so glossy and shiny!! *.*

    Follow me?

  14. lips look really glossy! love that blush palette!


thank u so much for ur sweet comments!


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