Thursday, December 24, 2009

EOTD Lunasol Star Shower Eyes #05 Close of Night

Merry Christmas Everyone! Hope you gals have great time preparing for this X'mas...

Recently, i acquired this lunasol palette from Suelynn's blog sale... Its one the item from my wishlist which i was lemming to get. So since she have a blog sale, so i just grab it! Its a lovely palette with my fav kind of neutral shades... simply love this one..

Its a very nice neutral tone palette, which consists of a Orangey gold w/ stardust design!, goldish brown, light champagne gold and deep brown.

Swatch of the shade

my eye w/ Jill stuart eye jelly 03 (platinium satin as base) & SANA liquid eyeliner for liner & wing

this is pic will let you see clearer.

I applied the Light Champagne Gold over my lid
Follow by the orangey gold till the crease

blend in the light goldish brown and keep it below the crease

Lining done with the deep brown

Last line my upper inner liner and lower end using MUFE eyeliner in OL and the lower corner towards eye using MUFE eyeliner 23L. I'm so loving MUFE eyeliner, very lasting and 23L does add more sparkle to my eyes. I use Kiss Me mascara for this look. Now hook on this mascara...
What looks are you gals planning for X'mas night?


  1. Such a beautiful look for Christmas^^

  2. love the neutral palette on you! i have to get MUFE eyeliner now, i've been lemming for it.

  3. a really pretty glittery look for christmas! Love it!

  4. Close of Night has such understated and elegant shimmers! Love this neutral look on you and how you bling-ed up your look by using Platinum Satin as a base =D

  5. So prettyy! I like how it's not overly shimmery but pretty shimmery? LOL do I make sense? >_<

    Nevertheless, love the look!


  6. OoOOoO lovely EOTD so shimmery and girlie I love that palette. I like your new layout, so cute!

  7. Great look!! This palette has such lovely neutrals =)Merry Xmas!!

    ps. I need your address to send you your Guerlain palette.. email me =)

  8. Merry Christmas!
    Very pretty EOTD! I wanted to get my hands on this palette too... <3

  9. I have always been unsure about this palette based on online pics of it. But with your swatches and real pictures it looks really really pretty! Lovely EOTD!
    Happy Holidays!

  10. this palette is really pretty! i noticed lunasol palettes are very sheer and great for everyday look

  11. Pretty EOTD for the festive season!
    Merry Christmas Sweets!!

  12. This is such a gorgeous EOTD! I love it!

    Merry Christmas!! :D :D :D

  13. I love the colors of that palette, they are so elegant and warm! Your eye make was done so beautifully, thanks for sharing^^

  14. Hey Karen! How are you, darling? Hope all is well. Happy Holidays to you too! :D

  15. Hi sweetie! All that matters is the time spent with loved ones. :) I could be in Antarctica and still have fun as long as I'm with my hubs and family! Vegas was chilly but fun hehehe...thanks for asking!

  16. awww i love all ur fotds !
    wait are u telling me u bought LVs in singapore without getting tax refund??awww
    or u shud at least travel somewhere n get refund
    well actually too many stuff i that box

  17. PRETTY!!!

    ooh thank you!!..all japanese words i cannot read! T_T..but i'm not sure if spore sells it..was searching for it in japanese supermarkets..

    happy holidays!

  18. Very beautiful colors all help. I have the same color. A color polite. Available anywhere really.


thank u so much for ur sweet comments!


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