Thursday, December 3, 2009

Fabulous Swap Package received from Diane!

Ya, its SwAP post again! haha....

I love doing swap as prices for some stuffs are really cheap and you get to seize the good offer that you can hardly come across. Residing in United States will definitely make me broke.. so guess that's y i'm in Singapore.

I did a swap with the lovely Diane from her Orange To L.A. blog ! She is really sweet to get me my mac collection! I bought some stuffs from her MAC blogsale too.

my order are:

MAC's Hello Kitty Blush in "Fun and Games"
Goddess (LE)
trace gold
pink swoon

Volcanic ash thermal mask (this item is OOS at a lot of store)
Volcanic exfoliator

Base makeup:
Studio tinted moisturizer in light shade
Studio scrupt foundation in nc15

Suntint lip balm in pink tinge

the EXTRAS i got... seems like more than my order rite!
i was amazed at her packing skill as the box was packed leaving no space at all as after ripping opening the packaging and admiring the stuffs, i just can't fit them all back!

closeup on the goodies i got from her!

this is her fav eyeliner and that mascara is new released! Ya i better try this better attempt to buy the lancome or estee one.

YSL lippy and eyeshadow, the packaging is soooo pretty! i can't bear to use it yet..

she got this in Shade #3

seems like absolute match with my new vintage deco JS eye jelly!

she is feeding me on my lip gloss craving.. from NYX and

hello kitty anyone! my gals had already done their booking on the balms already...

this is her fav makeup base, hope they would suit me too... its FULL SIZE item.. (i wana heart he now!)

Queen helene peel off masque, so far only tried their scrub and the mint rinse off masque and i'm loving it!

more lovely blushes and highlights!

She sure knows how to feed me on my addiction.. i had finished shopping for her PART 2 swap... just waiting for a few more stuffs they would be ready to set off, hopefully to reach her by X'mas.
Anyone doing any X'mas swap, i would love to know what you got!


  1. wow, what a great swap!
    tell us if the MAC mask and exfoliator work for you :)

  2. WOW!!Makeup Galore...It's so sweet of diane to send u a lot of stuff to try...

  3. awesome swap with Diane!!! I really wanted to try the exfoliator too but they are all sold out in most places like you said!!

    Diane is so sweet to give you such nice extras. The YSL lipstick and cream shadow look really pretty.

  4. awesome swap! hope you tell us how you like the MAC skin care items!

  5. Omg thats a huge haul/swap box! Congrats!

  6. I LOVE NYX lippies :] Wow, what an awesome swap haha. I am envious!

  7. Diane rocks! Love your swap package, Karen! :)

  8. oh my my heart is thumping so hard, so hapy for u gal! hows the YSL??? yummmm

    xoxo elle

  9. Hello! I sent you an email recently about visiting Singapore :]

  10. Hey Karen! I hope you like everything, haha I knew the Hello Kitty Lip Balms would be a hit with your girls. Let me know if you ever want anything else!

  11. Wow this is such a nice swap, those hello kitty lip balms are too cute :)


thank u so much for ur sweet comments!


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