Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Mascara Review 11: Kiss Me Long & Curl Mascara

Hi everyone,

been away from the reviewing portion of my blog... too busy recently with my gal school preparation and X'mas! Hows your preparation for X'mas? Need more time for buying gifts, i think.

Here's a mascara review which i purchased in HongKong. Its my 1st Kiss Me mascara. This is the 2nd generation one which promise more substances..

maroon pink packaging with gold flowery design.

bare lashes, with eye makeup done

i'm using Jill Stuart Eye jelly for the shimmers if you ever wonder what i use.

i love this mascara, my lash was lengthen and curl. Even though the brush was a bit stiff.

No clumps, see the lengthening effect

its does curl up my lashes nicely! And its pretty cheap if i'm not wrong as i got it from sasa hongkong.
Now i usually keep 5 mascaras in use at any point of time, so will only do review if the reviewing one fail me or the ok one expired/dried up so that i dun get to waste any..
how many mascaras do you keep in use at a time and how long after opening a mascara you will threw them away?


  1. Hahaha, I only keep one mascara at a time and this is mine!! I love this mascara so much - it's the only one I've ever tried that ACTUALLY CURLS! I was so impressed when I first tried it hehe (of course, I still curl my lashes, but it's nice to see that it actually lifts and holds curl excellently as well). Great review and pictures! I can never get my closeup shots to be so clear!

  2. great review! it does curl your lashes so well.
    btw, i've received your package Karen! and emailed you :)

  3. Karen...this is one of the mascars that I have always been wanting ^^great review, it really did a great job^^

  4. Wow it really does curl! I love how clear your photos come out you can really see everything. I always have like 4-5 mascaras in use, I'm always looking for the best mascara out there.

  5. Hi Karen!!

    that mascara sound interesting, i love the name haha~ I have about 3-4 mascaras open and I use them according to my mood , but the one that I grab the most is Bobbi Brown and Fasio. I think you are suppose to throw away your mascara after 3 months, for hygienic reasons!

  6. I have yet to try the Kiss Me mascara, so thanks for reviewing it Karen. I usually alternate between 4-5 mascaras but I'm terrible at remembering when they were first used.

  7. I saw this mascara at mitsuwa....I think....why didn't I buy it...:(

  8. wow!i love how ur lashes look.. gotta go search for this mascara at SASa :)

  9. Pretty, fluttery lashes sweetie! :) I currently have 2 mascaras on hand and I usually throw them away when they start getting dry and yucky.

  10. Thanks for the mascara review again Siz, like you i'm a heavy mascara person so just on top of my head I have about 5 i just use which ever one when i feel like it hehe :)

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  12. erm one at a time..teehee...i love the way you draw your eyes and the mascara looks good!


thank u so much for ur sweet comments!


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