Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Nail Swatch: ELF #Blush

Hello gals,

I been so busy with work in fact buried in them! But that does not stop me from changing my nail color. This polish is part of the giveaway prize from BirkinBagBeauty weeks ago. I have never try any ELF formula polish before. Heres the swatch and review:

While shaking the polish, i noticed that there is a metal ball inside the polish bottle to help in the blending of the formula. I'm not sure why its named blush as its very goldish and dun relate to its name at all.

With Direct Sunlight

akisa, now i know the feeling of having million dollars shade varnish on my nails now! this shade is really stunning but if you notice there are lots of bubbles appearing on the polish. Luckily i was using Seche Top coat so the finish was not that bad after all.

Under normal room light

I would still like to try ELF series as the price is really reasonable despite the setback of bubbles appearing on the surface. Any other ELF nail shade for recommendation...


  1. Very pretty! I love gold polishes!

    Good luck on all your work! I swear doing my nails every week was the only thing that kept me sane last quarter!

  2. I have blush too! When I got it, it was a rosy-copper color. But now, it turned really bronzey, even deeper gold than this! Mine is an ugly color now :( but this one is pretty!

  3. I haven't tried ELF yet but that is one gorgeous color on you, sweetie! :)

  4. the color is very cute, I have not tried ELF polishes before but they are really super cheap

  5. i have not tried elf before but the colour looks good!

  6. Thanks Karen for ur greetings on my birthday, the color is super pretty it^^


thank u so much for ur sweet comments!


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