Monday, May 17, 2010

Nail Swatch: Colorclub High Society

Hello monday!

I'm on my last 3 days at work, getting all ready for a short break! Had my nails done yesterday to chase away monday blues! Its part of my recent polish stash..

here's what i have:

what a name...

its a pretty grey color that i have been wanting to wear. Colorclub actually produce pretty good formula just they dry rather fast as while applying the formula starts to thicken on the bottle neck when i'm not even done with the 1st coat.. so be careful!

you can imagine how i got thru the 2nd coat...

Does it reminds you of sephora metro chic, but its a totally different shade. Its more grey if you were to compare them together. Whereas metro chic has much more sign of purple in it.

gonna get working to clear the remaining stuffs... cya!


  1. I want that shade!! It's gorgeous.

  2. What a gorgeous color! Before I even saw you comapring it to OPI's Metro Chic, I wanted to say it looks like it. And now I think it looks even prettier!


  3. What a pretty color! I don't have too much Color Club because they have so cute shades. :)

  4. That's such a cute color! I feel like I really need a nice taupe putty color for next fall...

  5. Wow, I love this grey color. May I know where to get it?


thank u so much for ur sweet comments!


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