Friday, May 14, 2010

Review: CURE Natural Aqua Gel + Water Treament Skin Cream

Hi everyone,

hows your week so far, I'm fighting my way to pass today and start making plans for weekend.. just few hours away from a short break!

Another way to de-stress is to blog about some new findings i have!

Its the highly raved CURE Natural Aqua Gel that bubzbeauty recommended as her staple skincare routine. How can i miss this? Its one of the products that can maintain its top selling position in Japan as 1 of sold in 20 seconds. The sample sachets below are given to me by BeautyCarousel.

each set of samples contains, 2 sachets of CURE Natural Aqua Gel (each sachet is good for one use on face + neck) and a straightforward introduction of what it can do.

Are you amazed how natural it is...

here's my dry looking hand.

my skin feels so smooth after it...
At the same time, BeautyCarousel gave me an exclusive product to try out. This is a not for sale item which is supposed to be given only to their staffs. Especially, those sales staffs who has to stay in air-conditioned or outdoor area promoting their products.. BUT, i get to try it out! haha

its a small tube in shrink packaging & portable size, 30g.

i wonder why its call cream, when the texture is so gel like?

its really firm that it doesn't drip when i move my hand.

something surprising just happens.. water droplets are form when i started applying this cream on my hand in circular motion.. but then it feels great since its so hot these days. My skin are kinda dehydrating..

look at the right lower corner, a transparent film seems to form on my skin.

i finally managed to explore and got to know of this collage function which i can display the comparison pics in one..

CURE Natural Aqua Gel review:
price: SGD42.00
available @ watsons, BeautyCarousel
more info: About CURE
This is a very natural exfoliating gel that contains 90% hydrogen water and all other natural ingredients. Its really effective in removing the dead skin so as to reveal the smooth skin beneath. Just light gentle circular motion is require, there is no needs of strength as you dun want to be harsh on your skin. The dead skin will come off as white particles, just have to rinse off. Its so natural that i use it on my daughters and they love this so much better than the scrubs. After using it, just feel skin becomes squeaky clean & refresh. No tightness at all. I was told to try out on my heels so will try it out and post my review on this again.
CURE Water Treatment Skin Cream review:
Price: priceless as its exclusive not for sale
not available anywhere
I'm quite fascinated on the water droplets reaction of the cream when it comes into contact to my skin. The texture of the cream is more like a gel than cream. When applying a transparent film seems to form as a layer of hydrating protection. I work in a air-conditioned area so hands are always dry, so far i tried this for 2 days on one of my hands i could feel that it sort of lock in moisture like how some moisturizer works. proud to say its keeping dryness at bay.. Its also very lightweight, perfect for singapore humid weather. This cream is suitable to be apply on all areas of skin and its fragance free!

Watsons Closed Door Event 19 May 2010, 7pm to 10pm:
To those who are interested in trying out CURE Water Treatment Skin Cream. Even though, its an exclusive NOT FOR SALE product but the sole distributor of CURE will be giving this away as a way to thank you for your support through each purchase of CURE Natural Aqua Gel.
BUT only 20 pieces of these 30g (limited edition cream) will be allocate for each participating stores below:
Jurong Point
Tampines Mall
Ngee Ann City
Toa Payoh Hub
Compass Point
So if you have the intention to buy the exfoliating gel , its the time!
Disclaimer: This product was sent to me by BeautyCarousel for consideration. BUT all review expressed above are honest and true based on my experience with the product. I'm not paid or rewarded to do this post at all.


  1. Very great review! I've just tried the Aqua Gel once and in love with it. Love the comparison picture :)

  2. very interesting... so after the water droplet get absorb do we need to apply hand cream to keep the moisture lock?

  3. sounds interest! never heard about this product before.

  4. Great review! I've been wanting to try this since I saw bubzbeauty do a review on it. The water treatment looks so interesting, how amazing!

  5. Woah never seen or heard of these products but they sound great and innovative! hehe very futuristic for skincare, thanks for sharing and reviewing.

  6. This product is fantastic!! I've recently purchased this product online. If you are in Taiwan, u may want to check out They are running an online offer and gives away free samples to try ^^

  7. Can I apply the cure water treatment on face as moisturizer? What about applying before makeups?


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