Friday, May 21, 2010

Review: Kiehl's Lip Balm #1

hi everyone!

I'm officially off work and will be off till 31 May and start my new career on 1 June. So i will definitely try to post more before i get started working.

today, i want to review on a Kiehl's lip balm that i'm currently using. I'm someone who can't live without one. My lips will feel kinda raw & naked without them, this makes me a heavy user. Normally one lip balm would last me for about 1-3 months depends on the type & capacity
.Kiehl's Lip Balm is also a highly raved lip balm which i was excited to try out. It comes in a simple white squeeze tube.
the ingredients & necessary info are imprinted on the tube itself unlike others which is indicated on boxes or instructions manual..

I was surprised to see the opening to be like that so different. You have to apply this using your fingers.

Its a clear transparent gel like liquid.

i tried my best to swatch it on my lips.

my review:
This lip balm look like any other in the market, but the makers behind this wonderful product are really into little details. Like the imprint of ingredients as often after using the product for some time, and wanted to do a post or refer many would have problem locating the boxes. When squeeze out the balm was very gel like and as soon its got into contact with my lip its turns very liquid state so i feel like the balm kinda seep into my lips. I would say this is a fast & effective solution for dry lips, at least for me. I love this balm even more especially when i apply gloss or lipstick on top and don't sense any dryness. One thing, i don't like is the scent which is quite mild, i think their flavored one might win my love back again. As i know some original lip balm taste/smell even more terrible. This is also my 1st lip balm that contain SPF, i'm starting to get concern about spf in product after reading post from Akisa that even the hand cream she uses contain SPF too.

i would re-purchase for its effectiveness! what about you?


  1. Sounds so great! I love lip balm with SPF :)

  2. I've heard so many great things about this balm and read some many awesome reviews, just like yours. Make me wanna buy it :)


  3. I like this too, Mr. H got the mango one for me, it smells sooo yummy~~

  4. Great review Karen! I'll have to check this out after I get done with my current lip balm collection. Congratulations on starting a new career and enjoy the time between the new job! :) Look forward to more of your posts. ^^

  5. I'm the opposite, I like unscented lip balms, haha..

  6. I have a cherry one and it is a gem I tell you! An absolute gem!

  7. I've heard such awesome things about the Kiehl's balms, but unfortunately I'm allergic to the SPF in them. =/

  8. thanks for the reviews. now im tempted to get it :)


thank u so much for ur sweet comments!


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