Saturday, May 22, 2010

My SkinCare Routine got ZA-ed!

Recently, I'm in search in some whitening products, all thanks to the rising heat here in Singapore. With Temperature rising as high as 34 degrees at anytime. My skin gave me signs that i'm getting dark by looking not so good with my usual foundation. My shade is NC15/fair but my skin is now in between NC15-NC20 or maybe darker on some areas of my face.

I was shopping at watsons (local drugstore) for the on sale Majolica Majorca Cream e/s while i'm browsing the very friendly SA from shiseido point to me which are the best buys from the MM sale. At the same time, she was promoting the ZA Cosmetics range to me. Thinking that ZA is actually a brain child of the parent shiseido, they might be sharing some kind of patent technology together, esp the raving hot shiseido lucent range for whitening. The only different might be the price, ZA range is sooo affordable, very drugstore.

info about this brand can be found here: ZA Cosmetics

Here's what i grabbed with their 30% discounts + promotions for selected items @ 3 for SGD30.
I got the items from their ZA True White Range

their newly launched whitening toner + the old version whitening toner, day moisturiser w/spf26, concealer & pore smoother

The difference of the new 150ml VS old 125ml version.

love this day moisturizer, very lightweight!

since there is promotion, so i just pick these up as well, review coming soon!

i'm currently using this toner, which is the old version. 125ml compare to the new which is 150ml. Its in a heavy white glass bottle, seems like most toner are pack in glass bottle.

this toner is says to contain high level of vit C that can help to diminish dark spots & acne scars which is exactly what i need.

Its a clear liquid that is similar like water. So you can imagine how good my skin is feeling after applying it. It has their signature scent which i can't explain but its mild..

This is currently my fav day moisturizer! weighing 35g. All thanks to the Shiseido SA who highly recommended to me. This was the 1st item she tried to get me to try, its absorb really fast into my skin, feeling grease free. (she tested on the back of my hand) which is why i bought 2 in case of backup!

Since i want to be fairer, spf is a must. This moisturizer contains SPF26 that is sufficient to last me as i don't expose to the sun too much unless i need to run errands.

personally like the narrow squeeze tube opening.

Here's the closeup on my palm.

overall review:

I had been using this two product, in fact i insert them replacing my current (smashbox toner hit pan & Skyn Iceland The ANTIDOTE Quenching Daily Lotion for night use) So far, my skin shows no bad reaction towards them. Not sure if i'm starting to get fairer after using it but at least my current foundation looks still ok on me. So much better than weeks back. I would be going back to explore more of the range as they cost a fraction of what some high-end brands are offering. One more thing, they do not test the items on animals so its cruelty free product. Heard that their dark circle mask are quite effective, maybe i'll pick it up on my next shopping trip!

Many things happened for the past few days, i mean shopping trips.. will do a summary of what exactly i got recently!

Disclaimer: All items above are purchased by me. I do not accept paid review.


  1. Oh congrats on your new skincare!

    I'm glad its working out for you. I was using this in the dry Canadian winters and it wasn't moisturizing enough for me, but I can definitely see it working well in Asia.

  2. yay for a new set of skincare that's working! i am also curious about the concealer and the balm, hope they will work out for ya!!

  3. I've never used Za stuffs, it's great that it works on you! :)

  4. Wish they had Watsons in the US, haha.

  5. Hi, I'm a newish reader (: It's great that you've found a skincare line suitable for you. But I've heard that ZA products actually contain a high amount of alcohol? So it might not be good to use these in the long run..

  6. Thank you for this review as I was thinking of getting some whitening cream and wasn't sure what to look for. I'll look into this brand more :)


  7. I wish they had Watson's over here, all of our drugstore brands are so boring. Nice haul and yay for getting things on discount! Glad to hear that the Za range is working out for you. :) The dark circle masks sounds really cool haha.

  8. Ooh, I've never heard of this brand but everything sounds so nice!

  9. its great you found a product which is affordable and promising! shiseido is one of my fave brands :) its my first time knowing about ZA so thank you siz for sharing! i hope it works out nicely for you! :)


thank u so much for ur sweet comments!


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