Thursday, August 26, 2010

Review: OLAY Total Effects + Anti Aging Eye Cream

Seems like i'm really in mood for posting for this week, now its time for me to blog about this eye cream that i had hit pan on 18 August. I bought this sometime back and as usual found it while organizing my stash.

Olay is a long time brand, i have long heard of this when i was young as its a very available drugstore brand that everyone can access to especially its affordable. The most recent commercial i saw is that they actually claimed their product are comparable with high end brand.

I have some fine lines on my undereye areas, that i'm trying really hard to get rid of. So i pick this Olay Total Effects + anti-aging eye cream.

I used it halfway and i realise i forgotten to take pic of it so sorry to show you the half used condition. It comes in a transparent plastic tub with black cap
(so i can tell how much product is left and not guessing0

Its a beige cream that seems to contain some fine shimmer particles. guess its for brightening purposes as it did not appear to be obvious after applying. Formula was easily absorbed into undereye areas.

My Review:
Fine lines at my undereye areas show no sign of leaving my life even after finishing it. Thats why i say prevention is always better than sourcing for cure. I would say this cream might works for prevention as i notice that my undereye areas did not get worse or i should say no new lines are spotted. I might consider in bagging this again when i found a way to get rid of them and use this to maintain my skin. Its pretty affordable, i got this as part of the promotion pack that consists of a cleanser that cost SGD20+ for the set. The eye cream alone would have cost that much.

I'm currently using its moisturser for my neck, which I'm pleased about the effect so far. I'll be blogging about that soon.

In case you are curious, i'm using Skincology Vitamin K eye cream at the moment (all thanks to my gf from Taiwan). Do you have any recommendation that i should try for fine lines?


  1. I've been looking for solutions for my eye so desperately... from cheap ones (fancl, etc) to exp ones (MTM masks!)...

    Think i'm gonna try this soon. The testimonial looks quite @_@ !!!!

    (click on testimonial)

  2. Hi, I have same problem as yours, I wanted to try this eye cream but seems it does not perform very well. Thanks for your review, I think I can just pass it now.

  3. I need an eye cream for my panda eyes! >_<

  4. Thanks for the review :) I have not tried any Olay before. I shall take a look at their collection :D

  5. I'm using Olay eye lifting serum, it doesn't do anything on my dark circles and the fine line though...

  6. I haven't tried this eye cream but their Total Effects line seems to be quite popular. I used their moisturizer once a while ago but then it kinda stopped working for me.

  7. I love Olay SO much! I really want to try this cream now. Thanks!

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  9. Before you go for any anti aging cream you should be concerned about how much it is effective for slowing down the anti aging process so you should try its sample first.
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  10. I have dark circles which is heriditary and sitting long hours in front of the computer.. I tried this cream but i feel there is no change at all.. Sheer waste of time and money!!


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