Monday, August 30, 2010

Nail Swatch: MISA Be My Lover

Morning MOnday everyone!

Hows your weekend so far as some of you are still on Sunday while i'm starting my monday. Today's weather is great to start with but i see some drizzle just hope they will stop before i get to lunch hour. I spend my weekend by going through my stash as my drawer is bursting again. So expect a blog sale soon.

I also did my nails, sick of always using neutral shades i got some pinks on my fingers for this week. Imagine i had been using Sephora Metro Chic for the past few weeks to get the executive look but i need some bright colors to brighten my day. So here's my nail:

Its a very pretty creamy blueish pink that reminds me of MAC lady Gaga lipstick. Its a rather retro pink.

I'm loving this unique pink, definitely something different from my usual pinkish collection. What colors are you liking at the moment?


  1. Oh my..that's a very pretty pink polish...I'm so into khaki-brown-mauve colors nowadays..

  2. So adorable Barbie-ish pink polish! Looks really pretty! I'm into pinks to right now :P

  3. Misa nail polishes are the best. I find they last and last and last!


thank u so much for ur sweet comments!


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