Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Review: @ Nature Tea Tree Pure Pore Freshener EX

Good Morning!

Hows your day so far? I started my day waking to good weather, happy breakfast which consists of my fav sandwich and milk tea.

This is my breakfast for the day!

Back to review time! This round i'm reviewing about a toner i got through my friend from Taiwan. The brand is @Nature, they have a wide range from rose, cypress, lavender, teatree etc. For more info, you can visit their site at

I have acne prone skin which is why i tend to shy away from rich moistursing products and focus more on whitening (to pale those acne marks), oil control and targetted acne products. Which is why i bought this like last year and only use it like now? Its better to be late than never...

I personally like this tea tree toner, it makes my face feel fresh and absolutely no breakouts during the usage period. Its 120ml which lasted for 1+ months for me. And the best part its very affordable at NT199/SGD10/USD7.50. Why affordable range like this don't reach us easily..

As you can see, i had hit pan on this lovely toner. Only left with the plastic bottle. I would definitely recommend for ladies to try this out. For oil control i would say moderate rather than fab guess its tie in with the price tag too?

I start to realise my consumption for toner is rather high like a 120ml for slightly more than a month.. meaning i would need at least 8 bottles (120ml) a year. Currently, i'm using DHC which cost SGD33 each for approx 120ml too.

Whats your toner consumption like?


  1. wow tts fast.. my toner consumption is pretty slow.. I've been using my Aqualabel toner for at least 2-3 months now.. I love @nature and beautymaker stuff on payeasy! Wish we could have them here.. at the same affordable rate =P

  2. Yummy breakfast!
    I'm really slow on my toner, it probably takes me 6 months to finish 200ml toner. But you're really fast! and it sounds like a nice toner...

    ryc: the MBD blotting sheets aren't that good, I still prefer Clean&Clear's or Gatsby's.
    The clinique concealer is on the runny side, it does have a nice coverage but not as good as beautymaker concealing cream, I like the latter one better :D

  3. I always love milk tea in the morning :):)

    Im not really fast with my toner, but its still faster than my creams. It takes forever to finish them :P

  4. I love starting my day off with milk tea too. :) I have not tried this brand but it sounds really nice. I feel that I use toner too quickly. :\

  5. Must have a cuppa before i do ANYTHING in the morning me.

    Tea Tree products are so refreshing.

  6. I looove milk tea!! ♥

    And great review. I must try it out =)

  7. I wanna have your breakfast!


  8. this looks like a nice toner....I never wear one...maybe I should....thanks for the review...


thank u so much for ur sweet comments!


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