Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Review: SKII Facial Treatment Advanced Protect Loose Powder UV

Recently, i'm addicted to base makeup of all kinds. Like bb cream, primer, loose power, foundation, concealer etc... As i always wanted to own porcelain skin but lack of time for facial and beauty sleep. So i can only sought for the easy way out which is to perfect my base makeup. I decided to take the plunge to try out SKII loose powder. As i was longing to own skin like QiQi:

so flawless looking skin... she has been a SKII user for the past one decade.

My little loose powder investment made in Aug 2010, the box is big & classy with its signature maroon and sliver color

Clear instructions are indicated on the box, also with the ingredients etc.

Yes, it comes with a pricey tag too. I bought it from my local departmental store Isetan. Amount shown is in SGD.

Even the inner packaging is classy and sleek! The glossy maroon color really attract me wanting to get more of their products.

the powder comes with a fluffy powder puff, filter, and plastic cover (to prevent powder from spilling out)

My Review:
I like this loose powder as its texture is really fine and easily cling onto my skin creating a silky soft finish. But the coverage wasn't much as its main purpose is to set as a veil on skin rather than covering up. I can feel that its light enough for my skin to breathe and yet its protected from the dusty environment. The oil control i would rate as moderate as there are better one out there that focus on oil control. Guess for the lovers of this product would be those who possess healthy or least problem skin ones. I like to use this on weekend as its excellent to work in humid weather like Singapore. After the application, you may see the products still laying on the surface of skin but after a while it melt into your skin and blend into it. making it look absolute flawless.. but it din work well in air-conditioned office environment as its far too dry and i would prefer a better coverage one on workdays. This product is actually double or triple the size of those drugstore one i tried so far. So taking into consideration the quantity, the price of this SKII is only slight expensive than normal.

Even though the price of this powder is on the high side but i'm still determine to find the perfect fit for my skin. Currently, i'm using MAC sheer loose powder and I have Bobbi Brown on my list next (from Jess's Fall Blog Sale)...


  1. High end powder! :)I tried the 2 way foundation some time ago and find that its very thick. This look pretty light :)

  2. i tried this but make my break out :( maybe just not for me hehe

  3. thanks so much for the reveiw! The product looks lovely and luxurious!

  4. Thanks for the review! Nice packaging but SKII is so expensive, good luck on finding the perfect powder.

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thank u so much for ur sweet comments!


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