Thursday, August 18, 2011

Review: Kracie Naive Makeup Remover Cleansing Oil

As soon as my hit pan, i went to my nearest drugstore to grab any oil cleanser i could find. Normally i would well stock my stuffs to ensure i have smooth supply of use so this was a sudden choice so dun ask why i choose this brand. This is a popular affordable cleansing oil in Japan and its made in JP!

For its size, its consider affordable as it contains 250ml of goodness! and cost about SGD16.90 (i think, not too sure as i bought it back in May 2011)

Since its imported by a Singapore distributor, we are blessed with English translated instructions, directions and description!

The pump bottle comes with a lock-in clip meaning you can bring it along for travelling and ensure it would not leak.

Content: 250ml
Price: SGD16.90
Available: Watsons/
This cleansing oil has a faint floral scent but linger around till wash off. (do take note) Other than the scent, the cleansing power is pretty good. In fact, its a surprise performer! As i'm just expecting a passable result but it managed to deliver slightly above average result on removing my makeup. As it does not leave any traces of residue behind and keep my skin feeling refresh and no oily feeling at all. It removes all my waterproof makeup easily but still its not suitable for eye area as it might stings your eyes.. Overall i would say it does its job as a cleansing oil but i prefer a fragrance free one...

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  1. This sounded so good but then I spotted Mineral Oil in the ingredients list and that is a nightmare for my skin unfortunately. Thank you for doing this post, it is super helpful to me xx


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