Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Swatches: Majolica Majorca Frozen Splash Eyes in GR732, GD821, PK705

Hi all,

hows your day so far, i'm pulling thru pretty well for my tuesday! Yesterday, i went to my nearby drugstore (watsons). And i saw some promotion going on for Majolica Majorca so i grabbed a few of their items home with me.

Swatches of their cream eyeshadow, yes i find myself kinda addicted to cream e/s these days.. as they are so easily to use especially when you are in a rush.
i bought 3 of it home as they are having deal as 3 for SGD30 only. usual price: SGD15 each.
bought green, gold & pink. it comes in clear plastic tub with white lid.
very dreamy design
the color look kinda bold in the container itself.
close-up pics:
with some natural lighting, they give a pearly finish with very very fine shimmers.
Overall mini review:
Majolica Majorca is actually a quite affordable range but of course depends on location.. so far its quite ok priced as i also shop in Singapore for their products not only taiwan. This cream eyeshadow is easy to work on, very silky smooth to apply on lids.. The packaging contains 4g of product which is ok in my opinion as they have quite a few colors for you to mix & match with. You can add on some shine to your eye makeup using this.
I also bought some of their nail polishes.. will swatch soon!


  1. I bought the pink one an age ago, cant remember what I did with it now. I agree about the rush factor, cream shadows are a breeze to use in that sense.

  2. Thanks for the swatch! The colors are so pretty :D

  3. Oh the colors look super pretty~ I might pick these up if I have spare money^^

  4. that looks pretty...can't wait for the nailpolish swatches....

  5. The colors you picked out are pretty! I want to try these! They will be great for summer.

  6. the gold and blue looks really pretty!! I love cream shadows too cuz they're so easy to apply =)

  7. The colours are so pretty!! I love how they have a pearly finish with the small shimmers. =)

  8. Ohhhh, these are soooo pretty!

  9. love the colours!! i bought their palettes but not their cream one cos my nearby one only have blue and dark blue all blue..=.= looking forward to see the nail colours!XD

  10. ohh i like PK705! such a soft shimmery pink ^__^


thank u so much for ur sweet comments!


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