Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Mascara Review 6: SANA Excel Mascara (Japan only)

Hi all,

this post was meant for monday but office was really busy so no time to post this up. I got question like how my HG mascara was like as i listed HR mascara & this SANA Excel Mascara. I started liking this SANA mascara 3 years back, ya thank god they are still selling this. Got this recommendation through a online shopper as i had tried too many so she was recommending and says its one of the top mascara in Japan at that time. So i gave it a try.

My HG mascara must be able to give me a lengthening and yet dense curling lash look. I love volumizing mascara but they often somes without lengthening. I'm a lazy one who i expect my HG mascara to be able to carry out both tasks at a time. Sounds greedy haha..

SANA Excel mascara is able to curl up my lashes with their curved brush, fine fibres that lengthen my lashes and volumize them instantly.

this is how the mascara looks like.

see the fine fibres and the curve brush

bare lashes

my lashes are instantly curl, do you think they look more dense and lengthen?

they are lengthened

No a good shot taken, will re-take and post again
TADA! my lashes are really curl all the way
Will be posting my mascara review for Jill Stuart mascara, so stay tune for my next next post...


  1. Thanks for sharing your HG mascara with us :)

  2. Thanks for sharing Sana, this is very interested it does build up a lot of volume isn't it :)

  3. Thanks for sharing! I love volumizing mascara! :)

  4. I can see why it's your HG! Thank you for sharing with us. :D

  5. i love your mascara reviews!! i'm so bad at taking close up eye pictures. I can't wait to try out this mascara it sounds awesome, hoping it will be my HG too!

  6. Wow great review, I really love ur mascara reviews, can u tell me hun from all of the mascaras u used which one has full (volume) effect more?

  7. Great review Karen. You're my one stop source for all things mascara. I'm trying to do a review on the Shiseido Mascara Base but I'm having so much trouble taking pictures of my eye, you take great pictures that show everything though! :)


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