Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Overdue blog sale haul + package from Summer!

Hi everybody,

hows your wknd, mine was a long one as yesterday (monday) was a public holiday in Singapore. But despite the extra resting day, i'm still feeling lazy and tired. Something to perks me up is blogging time for my overdue haul post. I placed order a few weeks back for some items off Jenn & Holly blog sale. They have really great stuffs on sale so i could't resist to haul a little. As i was expecting something from my friend in US so i decided to request for shipping to my friend's place in US instead. But i ended up expanding my shopping cart therefore it only reaches me like last wknd!

Time for sharing the joy!

Boots No. 7 Mini Compact

VS mosaic eyeshadow

Extras from Jenn!!

Mac Lipglass in Fleur de Light

I bought 2 gloss & 1 eyeliner from Holly. Never try Mac gloss before so since she is having a blogsale so i decided to try it out!

She included this lovely pink lippy from VS for me as extras!

I received a package from Summer for the amendment of my bracelet. Guess what, this generous lady actually attached a Ed. Pinaud eye shadow in bronzy color for me... She is really so sweet!

Finally i can wear this and match it with my outfit to work!

This eyeshadow is really pretty and blend well with my favorite earth color series cosmetics!

Gota do a review on this really soon...


  1. The VS pink lippy is pretty and so is the bracelet!! :)

  2. Wow very nice haul i'm off to Summer's to check out her jewellery right now!!!

  3. I love the VS lipstick, I don't think VS makes those anymore but when they did they had great colors, I always try to snatch them up when I see them on blogsales. Summer is so sweet! Let us know if you like those MAC lipglosses.

  4. Wow...super nice hauls. I love the MAC lipgloss in Fleur de Light.

  5. Susan, lovely haul you have here! Hope u like your MAC l/g's. :) Plus, how sweet of Summer to do that.

  6. great blog sale hauls! the mac lipglosses and vs lipstick look so pretty :)

    summer is so sweet to include extra eyeshadow for you, that color looks nice

  7. Super nice haul! I hope you love everything, blog sales are great. I hope your day off was very relaxing as well. :)

  8. ooh you got some great items! nice nice!

  9. Nice haul sweets, I like the colour of the Ed. Pinaud eye shadow.

  10. hi! :)

    chanced upon ur blog from niki's page haha. started followin ya ;)

    nice haul u got there! i am luvin d lippies!


thank u so much for ur sweet comments!


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