Monday, September 14, 2009

Back from HK shopping!

Hi all,

i'm finally back from HK, the trip was great packed with all food tasting, shopping and also experiencing their typhoon. It was a fruitful trip, they have lotsa of Sasa. Just one area there are 6 branches but they are all so crowded and pack even on lazy working afternoon. I had a bad start by leaving my shopping list at home, it was the most important thing that i miss out! Therefore i was all out for aimless shopping getting stuffs which interest me or trying to recall what i want. Its started off as a 6 days trip end up my family extended for an extra 2 more days as i could'nt get enough of HK... which means more shopping for me yae!

I started to shop for Jill Stuart on my 1st day at Faces (harbour terminal). The crowd was crazy as there is 10% off for various brands all except Jill Stuart but all counters were packed. I was only planning to get their e/s palette and blush but ends up with 7 items as they were too tempting. Look at the packaging!

i bought the mist, blush, e/s palette, eye jelly, lip gloss, mascara, day care essence

Pics of my harvest from HK...

Highly raved HR mascara, i simply love this holding power good! (got these from Sasa, thanks to chrissy for the tips on where to get these!)
Max Factor Falsies effect mascara, its just newly launched from Watsons.
Kiss Me mascara from sasa
Fiberwig, raved by Eki and Amy from watsons
Jill Stuart Mascara works like Majolica..

Lavshuva foundation, Max Factor foundation, Lotree Bb cream from Colormix which is something like Sasa, Skin79 Bb cream mini

Biore makeup remover, Biore Cleanser, Bioderma no rinse cleanser

Yumei liquid eyeliner, Cyber color eyeliner, Kiss me eyeliner, Kate eyeliner gel

Jills stuart palette, eye jelly, Lavshuva eye shadow in GD1

Random purchase, bioderma mask, JS day care essence, JS Mist, JS lipgloss, Point Magic pressed powder, Lavshuva lip gloss

Blemish mask from Yanwaili, various masks from vichy, My beauty diary mask in cherry blossom & mixed berry and their eye mask too, Pantene clinicare treatment & fizz control serum

My purchase from SG DFS, Lancome makeup set, dying to own an all in one set...

Not to forget, i was greeted by Jamilla package. I got all these from her at a great deal and all in tip top condition...thanks Jamilla!!

I will be doing more detailed posts shortly!! stay tuned for more...


  1. Hi Sizbelle! You really shopped in HK! Amazing haul!

    Glad you got your goodies in great shape!

  2. Wow you did a fantastic haul... can't wait for your reviews :) I've tried Skin79 BB let us know how you like it too :)

  3. Amazing haul! Which Jill Stuart e/s palette and blush did you get? Such pretty colors.
    I love the Fiberwig Mascara! Hope you do too! Can you do a review on the My Beauty Diary Mask when you have the chance? :)

  4. Great haul sweetie, you certainly took the opportunity to get loads of goodies.

  5. awesome HK haul!!! At first I really wanted the JS mist too because it sounded so good hehe

    You have so many mascaras to try you must tell us which one is your HG at the end ! :)

  6. wow..what a great haul...I love jill stuart packaging it's just too expensive for me...haha..

  7. Welcome back! Super nice hauls! I love all your Jill Stuart:] I can't wait to go to Hong Kong this winter. It's so much more fun to shop in person than online. Eat all the yummy food..haha

    I'm a huge fan of MBD but, I have never try the cherry blossom. Please let me know what you think.

  8. omg such great stuff u got!!! so lucky

    hm...can u tell me how the Lotree Bb cream is ? thanks!! (tell me when u have the time:

  9. Yay, I'm glad you got back safely from Hong Kong, it looks like you had a great time! You hauled really really well! I can't wait to see your reviews on some of the products, ah I wish Jill Stuart stuff was more easily accessible in the U.S., their packaging is so princess-like! I love Asian masks too. :)

  10. super haul!! All the JS stuff looks super great! Which of the blush did you get? it looks so sweet!

  11. I heard that the Lotree BB cream is one of the bests^^ Udid such a great haul, love everything u got espcially JS products and I'd probably get all the stuff u got, so glad u r back and I have some awards for u^^

  12. Wow, wow, wow!!! Looks like you had a fantastic shopping experience, hun! =)

  13. welcome back shophaholic!!!! wow to the haul you've got..u are making me envy with he JS stuff!!! its so pretty and something worth coz we cant get it here..thanks for sharing

  14. Excuse me, how much did the Skins79 mini Hot Pink cost you? (Hk$)


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