Friday, September 18, 2009

My Surprise Gmarket Shopping !

Hi everyone,

i received a notification from Gmarket that i was nominated for one of the best blogs for introducing Gmarket to the world. So they rewarded me with 50,000 won (estimate USD40). So its an extra reason for me to surf their site for beauty products... YEAH.

But for shopaholic like me, just can't settle to stay within the budget so of course i exceed. So top-up is required. But i was so excited that i click on the wrong choice, this is what i did.

Wrong demo by me:

Step 1: convert the gift cert value to Cash Balance

Step 2: Purchase Gcash payment via paypal (NOTE: If you charged Gcash with PayPal or Credit card, you are NOT allows to convert into cash balance. )

Step 3: I ask for help via their customer service through mail and their service is really top notch as they reply me like with half a day and immediately refunded me with no questions asked.

Step 4: They refunded me and gave me instructions in topping up my Cash Balance for purchase.

The correct method should be:

Step 1: convert the gift cert value to Cash Balance (if you do not have a gift cert, skip this and it will be just 1 step for you to do you top up or simply choose paying via paypal or credit card)

Step 2: Top up your balance by logging on to paypal, indicate the amount you want to top-up in USD and send paypal to When you send funds through please put your Gmarket ID in Message to Recipient > Subject or Message.

Note: Top-up payment from paypal may take a maximum of 2 working days to be reflected on your balance. So don't panic like i did when i did not see the amount on my cash balance.
Hope this help you gals in making a smooth sailing shopping experience with Gmarket!!
Oh, if you wana know what i bought just stay tuned to my upcoming post. haha!


  1. Congratulations on being nominated by Gmarket! Can't wait to see what you ordered from there. :)

  2. Wow congratz on the reward, I still considered it winning hehe. I'd love to see what you ordered ^_^

  3. Congrats! That's awesome:]

    I've attempted to buy from Gmarket but, failed. Didn't know how to check out...haha

  4. Me with Gmarket= EPIC FAIL.

    Haha, glad you figured it out and congrats on being nominated for one of the best blogs!

  5. oh how lucky!!! shopping on gmarket sounds like lots of fun, I still need to learn :)

  6. omg omg that is so awesome!!!

    congrats to being one of the best blogs!!! your blog is awesome

    i havent even bought anything on gmarket, but i want to, its just that i have no idea how to use gmarket????

  7. WOW...congrats! That is so wonderful!! :D Looking forward to seeing your haul.

  8. I can't wait for your haul....I always visit gmarket but can't understand anything...:)

  9. Congrats hun , this was really useful^^

  10. Hi Karen

    I have a little problem here and hope you can help me!

    I have previously bought things from gmarket and now i want to use my cash balance 16,600won for my next purchase. However the amount i have purchased is more than the cash balance. So i decided to send money in USD from paypal to gmarket after reading your blog. I am confused if i should send the money through USD or won as i received an email that they only accept Korean Won???

    How long will it takes for the money to receive in my cash balance? This money will goes to my cash balance, not GCash right?

    Patricia Liang

    My email :


thank u so much for ur sweet comments!


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