Thursday, September 3, 2009

I broke my Shopping Ban!

I was suppose to be on Shopping Ban as i'm so called saving up for my shopping spree for HK as i have a long list of shopping to be done but useless me can't take temptation. I broke my ban few days back, with purchase of a Bobbi Brown Blush in Nectar from Summer as i haven't got any , some little items from Jamilla Blog Sale (she has the most irresistable offers so i can't help myself), bought the highly raved Steam Cream off internet. I will be on leave starting tomorrow so will not be blogging till i'm back which is 11 sep, by the way i have yet to start packing up.

Here's some pics i got of my last haul that reaches me before i'm off!

Urban Decay Trifecta, a tiny set if you just want to try their stuff.

They have this mini size of their famous eyeshadow primer

24/7 eyeliner

Close-up on its tip.

Fatty Mascara

Sephora palette to go

I always want a palette that have everything i need but somehow the color are nice in view than swatch

The e/s are not smooth enough for eye application

the gloss colors

Blush looks ok, in slight shimmer pink

But this palette does not come with applicator so its a bit troublesome.


  1. Wow..u always get the best stuff, I am always breaking my shopping bans..ha ha ha..

  2. wow with the products you got I think it was worthed to broke your shopping ban :)

  3. Wow nice haul Karen! The urban decay stuff looks really nice. Sorry to hear that Sephora eyeshadows are not nice enough for application.

  4. hehe I just ordered your sephora stuff so you have lots more goodies coming towards you!! shopping ban is so hard to do, i can never last for more than 2 weeks >_<

  5. You broke your ban but you're only human so I totally understand. That's why I don't even bother putting myself on! You got a great stash of goodies. Have a great time on leave, sweetie. :D


thank u so much for ur sweet comments!


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