Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Review: K-Palette Real Lasting Eyeliner 24H in Black

Woot! i managed to get thru my monday! Its tuesday already and i was greeted by morning sun this morning, instead of unexpected rain which is what happen for my wknd.

Today i'm gonna review this HOT SELLING item, Yes its is at least in Singapore winner of Watson's (my local drugstore name) best selling eyeliner 2009!
Remember i reviewed its K-Palette Eyebrow Pen, ok my skills for that is getting better if you notice. Much heavier strokes used nowadays so now its time for its eyeliner. I first heard of this from May and after that i saw it hitting my drugstore.

Description from their authorised distributor BeautyCarousel in Singapore

(WorldWide Shipping available)
Rated consistently as one of the top three selling eyeliners in Japan with 1 billion pieces sold since its inception in the market 3 years ago. This eyeliner gives guaranteed results in its ability to withstand melting humidity and punishing dryness of our air-conditioned interiors. Its magic lies in its patented micro-fibre soft brush application which ensures that the liquid eyeliner does not drip messily or draw heavily on your eyelids. Instead, the polymers within the eyeliner ensure lasting hold while superb control is achieved in the eyeliner’s agility, thereby giving an eyeline effect that is dramatic yet simple to achieve for daily users. The eyeliner is made of a unique conditioning formula consisting of sage essence, pantenol and chamomile essence, and would not irritate even the most sensitive eyes. Remove the eyeliner easily with any oil-free makeup remover.

Review Time!

Guess the packaging says it all, 1 Day Tattoo (very eye-catchy) and also the 24H (meaning 24 hours long lasting). Who doesn't want to have long lasting eyeliner that promise less or NO smudge throughout the day? Especially in humid Singapore, where makeup are easily ruin.

Its made in Japan..

Here's how it looks, simple black pen form.

Sharp tip, able to create fine lines and reach out to inner corners.

Its formula is really buildable like its eyebrow pen. So you can repeat lining if you want it darker.

You might ask if its lasting?

This was the look i did the other day, i did my makeup at my usual 8am morning.

14 hours later which is 10pm+!

Sorry for the poor quality as its taken at night. The not so nice eyeliner wing is still there. No touch up in fact for my whole face. So you can spot the fine lines on my under eye area. By the way, do you realise that after a day of wear my eyebrow look rather natural.

Overall Review:

This eyeliner pen tip is really sharp & soft. Suitable for you to draw eyeliner wings and reach into the tip of your eyes corner. Its long lasting formula reduce the touchup hassle. As you don't need much touchup anyway. Its easy to remove using Shu Cleansing Oil. The price is also affordable as its selling 1,260 yen (approx SGD18.90, USD13.60) each in Japan. And Singapore stores are selling it at SGD19.90 in stores or online. Just a dollar diff compares Japan, i personally feel its affordable than getting from many overpriced online store.

Ladies, do drop me a comment to let me know what you think about this product!

Disclaimer: This product was sent to me by BeautyCarousel for consideration. BUT all review expressed above are honest and true based on my experience with the product. I'm not paid or rewarded to do this post at all.


  1. WOW, that looks amazing!! I've seen this in my Mitsuwa and I totally want to get it now... even though I don't wear black liner LOL.

  2. Thanks for the review! We don't have this here but next time I go to Oahu, I'm totally picking it up! or maybe I'll give in and buy it online XP I like the really fine tip!

  3. I love this eyeliner:) It looks amazing on your.

  4. this is my fave eyeliner! i only wear it in one layer though and its already very dark..maybe i press it too hard hahahaha

  5. wow... do u have dolly wink liquid liner?
    if compare this and dolly wink, which one is better? but i like this review, and will look for this liner <3

  6. Fab review! I really want to try the super skinny version of this.

  7. You can line your eyes so well!! I'm still learning!
    Great review as well!

  8. Ohhh thanks for the thorough review and pictures Karen. I've seen this eyeliner on a lot of blogs and agree the "tattoo" advertisement is very catchy. Sounds like an affordable and high quality product. :)

  9. I bought this and haven't used it yet...hehe. Using Dollywink right now. I am happy to read your positive review of this! =)

  10. oh i keep wanting to buy this too! but it keep getting sold out at my watsons near my house...shall try other places!XD

  11. I want this!!! OK it's on my list now!


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