Friday, March 5, 2010

Review: K Palette 24H Real Lasting Eyebrow Liner 01 Natural Brown

This is a NEW product, i got to know this from Makeup Stash, her blog is amazing with lotsa offers updates & of course reviews!

Back to product review, i was quite skeptical about how a liquid eyebrow liner could actually work. But since they are having such a irresistable offer how could i miss. At last, i decided to pick one up the day before while straying off my usual route home.

I believe many had heard or tried their 1 day tattoo eyeliner which claim to be lasting for 1 day wear. For me, i have not try their eyeliner but is curious about the new eyebrow pen as its LIQUID pen. Just read from Jamilla blog that Suqqu has release something like that too.

Very detailed introduction for newbie user like me to get to know about the products & some simple tips. Especially its in English version!

In my opinion, the liquid eyebrow pen color is very buildable as you can layer as much as you like by sweeping action. Above shown how the shade looks like in 1 sweep, 2 sweeps & 3 sweeps.

Its picture time! My naked eyebrow which seriously in need some touchup. See the gaps in betweens, i need to fill them up.

Its does a pretty good job in filling the gaps, better than i expected as i mentioned i'm not really convinced how liquid one can works. I quite like the way the tail of my brow look which makes my brow look more polish & natural looking.
* sorry the pic above was taken early in the morning thus insufficient natural light.

The light finally came in time for my pic on EOTD, this time matches with my brows.. Btw, i used Benefits creaseless cream eyeshadow in Skinny Jeans for the look above. Which is one of my fav, ready to go look as just one e/s pot would make me ready for the day!

I'm quite pleased with this product but needs some time to get use with the new technology of applying them in suppose!
Any new drugstore findings you got to share with me?


  1. I think I've seen this over here! I've never tried it, but I'm loving ELF's eyebrow pencil!

  2. hie dear, thanks for the lovely comment
    and u have a new follower today :D
    Unfortunately, I cant really release the whole photo yet because it's actually for my friend's magazine which is yet to be release... I could only show the pic that I took myself. Haha.

    Anyway, this liquid eyebrow pen sounds interesting. Is it lasting and waterproof?

  3. oh nice review....I saw this one at the store...why didn't I buy it...

    I love ecotools brushes...they're soft & so fave is the blush it...I use it for everything..haha...

    I know..I just got lucky with those eki stuff...& although I can't understand those jap mags...I still think they're better than US much eye candies...

  4. Thanks for the review! I have something similar to this but it's all in Japanese so I don't know the brand or instructions! XD I actually really like the whole pen thing though, it's really precise :3

  5. it looks really nice and natural!

  6. My goodness this is so natural!!!!. i can't wait to finish my eye brown pen now and get my hands on these :) and it should be much more longer lasting too :)

  7. I have seen it here too, looks really a nice product , have u tried KATE's , I think it's really good too^^

  8. the liner looks really natural!

  9. Like Amy said, I also love how natural it looks on you. You have pretty eyes! =D


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