Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Peek into my week, Hauls & Packages!

Another peek into my week post, its more of hauls and packages post i think. I'm so happy to received 3 packages in one week! No words can describe when i was unwrapping them!

My belated purchases thru Diane, i got her to get me some MAC as its cheaper in USA and sometimes not all collections are release in Singapore so to prevent disappointment. I'm curious over Kat Von D collection too so i ask her to get some.

MAC polish in Blissed Out & Coconut Ice, Clinique liquid e/s (from Diane)
some glosses from Kat Von D, MAC shadestick, lipsticks

This is a sweet smelling extras from her, she added LUSH & Victoria Secrets items which i love so MUCH. I'm using the VS pure seduction lotion right now and loving it!

Package from Amy, she is the 1st person i started off swapping with and since then we had been swapping sort of regularly haha. Its just so hard not to buy esp things that are out of reach in SG. Like the L'oreal HIP series, revlon photostay foundation & maybelline mousse concealer which are now my HG item that i'm using daily!

DHC was having some promotion so i decided to try the DHC lip cream and see what amy got for me for extras...

I love toner, so got one from DHC to try too. Can't resist promos..

I love blush and gloss right now, in fact its my everyday addiction that i have to feed to.

Evie send me these out of surprise as i wasnt expecting them until she tweet me that she sent me sometime. I didnt know VOV has sheet masks too.


  1. oh wow so much new stuff to play with! you definitely got a big mac bomb from Diane :)

    My next package to you will be much bigger!

  2. wow...you're going to be busy this week playing with all your goodies...:D

  3. WOW, what AWESOME packages!! Must be such a blast hehehe. :D

  4. 3 packages in a week? that sounds awesome! they are really sweet to get you all those goodies to play with ;)

  5. nice package. Amy is really sweet <3

  6. Ohh so many goodies!! Everything looks so lovely!! :)

  7. A truly impressive package! can't wait to see the posts!

  8. OMG you've got AMAZING goodies!

    The new Maybelline lipglosses look so yummy, but I'm trying to convince me I don't need more!

    thats so sick!
    i totally need to find someone to swap with!

  10. Wow, it must have been really fun opening up all those nice packages hehe what does your husband think? ^^ Great haul and it's so nice that you have blogger buddies all over the world. Can't wait for your reviews on things and I am super happy you like the Maybelline Mouse Concealer. LUSH Yummy smells great! Curious about the Kat. Von. D. stuff, never tried anything from them. :)

  11. all i can say is... wow!! this is like an early christmas!!

  12. That is ALOT of goodies!!!! :) *jealous*



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