Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Updates + NO luck with BLUE...


I know that i'm way behind blog readings & posting.. i have just so much things to do these days. Just that i can't have the best out of both world right, which is family or internet! My daughter was on holiday last week, so i tried to give her more attention than usual. By the way, i started working on my another blog more towards kids.. as i'm hoping to capture all kinds of special things that happen along the way.

Recently, i re-visited my blue coffret d'or palette again hoping to see miracle that blue is my color. But i have come to a conclusion that BLUE is definitely not for me. For the start, it does makes my eye pop but after few hours of wear. The blue makes my eye look kinda dirty, haggard which i'm not pleased with. I'm more of a cool tone person which works well with neutral shades. So now i have one shade less to consider when it comes to shopping.. haha

Here's the look i did with the coffret d'or palette.

I'll talk about the highly raved Flamingo mascara tmr!


  1. Aw, I like it :D I think the shimmery color on the inner corner of your eye really makes it pop, pretty!<3

  2. The lashes and line are fab!! The blue is not too bad, either!

  3. Aww, I like it! Maybe if you tried using brighter blues? I find sometimes it's necessary to go brighter with colors so they pop more rather than looking dusty. But I still like it! Plus your liner and mascara look AMAZING.

  4. You have such pretty eyes! I rarely ever wear blue, if I do I just use it to line my bottom lids. But I think you did quite good here :]

  5. Awww how cute that you're making a family oriented blog!

    I think blue looks nice on you but if it makes you look bad after a few hours then that sucks! You have gorgeous eyes btw!

  6. I know you don't really like it but I think it looks really nice on you, sweetie. :D


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