Monday, March 29, 2010

Mascara Review 13: Flamingo Mascara set

HI all,

Its monday again! I'm now in such a blue mood though guess i need a bit more time to get over with the blues.. So here's the delayed post which i did last week on the raved Flamingo mascara. Some of you might have got the 1st version which is in red packaging, this white one is the improvised version which promise more length. I have not try the 1st version so no comparsion.

This is how the packaging looks like, two applicators in white tube and with the black paper box.

See the introduction of the product, sounds amazing right.

Simple instructions on how to make this works, and sample pics too.

Even though the shop claimed this mascara is made in Singapore, i'm suspecting this is from China. Yay, china does have some amazing stuffs.
In case you wonder, this is how the step 2 fibre applicator looks like.
Time for trial!

My naked lashes which you should be familiar with...

My lashes with one coat of step 1 application, which looks just like any other mascaras.

Now, its a coat of fibres. It looks so funny with those white fibres on..

Cover up of the white fibre portion using the step 1 black mascara.

This is my finished look using this mascara set. Its hard to do without them after trying it out. As i feel like dumping my falsies after this.. But then again, the negative comments i have for this mascara is that after few uses the black mascara applicators will starts to turn kinda clumpy as the excess fibres caught on the bristle while coating the fibres black sort of thicken the formula.

Will i re-purchase, hmm think i would consider. The usual price for this mascara is approx USD4 (sold in china), but i bought them for SGD18.90 (readily available in SG stores)...


  1. Thanks for the review. Sounds like an amazing mascara. Have a good week at work!

  2. Great review! it really looks amazing for your lashes :)

  3. It looks like a great mascara!

  4. Oooh, this looks AMAZING! Really like falsies!

  5. Hi Karen!

    Great review, I've never heard of this mascara before but the results on your lashes is amaaaaazing. The price is good too. I love the look of curled eye lashes but I don't do it very often because my lashes are weak. Boooo

  6. At 1st the wand kinda look weird, but it gives a nice curl to it. Impressed...

  7. Hi, may i know where in S'pore did you purchase this mascara from? You also mentioned it is readily available in S'pore, could you also share where else is it readily available in S'pore?

  8. I bought it from pink beauty @ Toa Payoh Central


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