Friday, March 12, 2010

Peek into my week!

Hallo ladies, glad that i've passed week peacefully and now on FRIDAY! Armed with iPhone, i'm able to take pictures every now & then to share about my everyday...

Here's some interesting ones..

I passed by this handmade breadmaker, look at the loafs of breads resting on the racks.. Its sort of hainanese style way of making bread. I love this kind of homemade ones spread with KAYA (made of coconut & egg).

I guess everyone will have a hard time to get thru MONDAY, me too. This is my survival kit! Milk tea, some ask why not coffee. I'm someone who can suffer from mild insomnia so i hate to take the risk even though i'm always tempted by the rich aroma of coffee!

I received a love package from the lovely Liang, she is a fab person that i love to hang out with her someday. Too bad that i wasnt able to meet her up when she was in Singapore. See what she got me..

This palette from Sephora seems to prepare me for summer!

Look at the shimmery shades.. the marine blue & aqua green looks great

The bronzer which i really want to try out, hopefully it can contour my face & makes they looks smaller.

My casual wear during the mid week, as i'm kinda tired to dress up haha

Currently, i'm loving this kind of BLUE! it does bring some life on me! What colors are you loving now?

Finally, i have time to put on fake lash after such a long break. Blame it on my laziness! Always woke up late thus constantly in a rush to work. I'm using princess criss cross lash 07 for this look, eye makeup with KATE palette!

This is another shot of the same look i did above! Hope you gals like, promise more pics for next post!!


  1. The homemade bread make looks so yummy! Where in Singapore is it? I'd love to go there the next time I'm in Singapore. :P

    And Kaya!!! ♥ I need to make a trip to the Asian grocery for some.

  2. Ugh, my typing skills are lousy... I meant handmade bread maker. x____x;;;

  3. Looks like my week ;-)

    Love your eyes!

  4. Oh you are so thin :) love your outfits!
    And OMG your eyes look gorgous with fake lashes!!!!

  5. sometimes i suffer insomnia from coffee too, and i much prefer to milk tea as well :D. love your blue outfit. looks great on you :)

  6. I love your eye makeup!!! Especially with falsies on!

    And Karen, I think we have the same Agnes B bag haha~

  7. tea has more caffeine than coffee right?hehe...I like your have to post more...and loving the falsies on you....

    have a great weekend!!

  8. I love milk tea more than coffee too! And your pic makes me miss Kaya toast so much. =( Love your OOTDs. The blue looks so lovely on you! Beautiful eyes. =D

  9. Hi Karen! I just woke up and I need that survival kit too :) Loving your false lash look, you should do it more often..but yea I get lazy too so haven't done it awhile myself!

    I am loving bright colors as well as they do make you feel livelier :) I like that blue and I also like purple!

  10. Mike tea is better than coffee:)

    Love your eye makeup with falsies Karen! You should do my outfits post:)

  11. your outfits are all really cute~ hahaha very trendy! the eye look is really purty too!

  12. My dear, I'd love to hang out with you next time I visit again! Much too unfortunate that our schedules couldn't coordinate this time.


thank u so much for ur sweet comments!


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