Monday, October 11, 2010

Nail Swatch: Orly Cotton Candy

Hows everyone weekend, mine ended yesterday. So here i am all ready to welcome monday! I did a nail swatch of a popping pink color weeks back when i'm tired of beige..

Its really indeed a popping color, that certainly brighten up my overall look for that week.

I specially took pic of it under natural room light, see how bright it is.

I need to purchase more new nail colors.
My current fav is Majolica Majorca Artistic Nails in BE116 Hot Milk

Can you believe i'm almost hitting pan on this cute little nail polish? I had been wearing it continously for weeks already...

Whats your current fav nail polish?


  1. Cotton Candy is a really adorable color!! Super cute Karen.

  2. This is a lovely shade of pink! I think you have enabled me.

  3. Cute shade! wow, you're hitting pan on nail polish! I wonder if I could do that..

  4. OMG Karen!!!! I just got your package today! You sent me so many wonderful things! I can't believe you are so generous! Thank you for everything! I love the blush already and of course lavender lip balms! And I am very interested in those collagen drinks. I'm really supposed to drink it? lol THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU You are amazing!!!

    I'm gonna start collecting some items for you baby, to show my appreciation!


  5. The prettiest peachy pink ever! Looks great on you!

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  7. I don't I have a favourite nail polish ! Too many to choose from ;-O I've noticed that you wear a lot of glossy colours, have you ever worn glitter nail polish ?


thank u so much for ur sweet comments!


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