Thursday, October 21, 2010

Review: St. Clare Pure Makeup Cleansing Oil

I finally hitted pan on my giant Shu Uemura Cleansing oil that seems to take forever! I know its good stuff but i'm quite adventurous to try out something new though. So *jump* onto the taiwanese brand.

St. Clare is a taiwanese brand that got themselves notice by me when i chanced upon Fuz's post on their sebum treatment set which i also reviewed: TW St Clare Sebum Treatment Set. My gf saw this was on offer at their drugstore so she bag it back for me.

Guess their signature label color is white & blue.

It comes in a clear slim pump bottle. Love its simplicity design

I took a bit of effort to remove the safety clip from the pump bottle. But its really leak free so for those intending to shop n pack in luggage, worry free!

Ingredients and all other info are stated on the packaging in Chinese.

My Review:
This is a drugstore range item that is not available in Singapore. Its cleansing power, i would rate as average level as i normally will try to use cleansing oil to remove mascara to prove its cleansing power but this cleansing oil stings my eyes. So i gave up after two tries and now only use it for my face avoiding eye area. It does a decent job in removing makeup but i still prefers something that can do all the job including removing eye makeup.

I'm forced to explore eye makeup remover as i wanted to use up this cleansing oil. After trying out, guess what i love using eyemakeup remover & also mascara remover now which i'm gonna cover on it next!

What eye makeup remover are you using or you recommend?


  1. I would recommend Lancome Bifacil. It is the best eye make up remover that I have encountered yet.

    I wonder if this St Claire stuff includes mineral oil?

  2. I'm using mandom eye makeup remover and kissme mascara remover, both of them are really great!

  3. im using the biore eye and lips :) still passable :)

  4. Hi, great blog! Am your latest follower.

    I recommend Lancome's Eau Micellaire Douce. It's really gentle and removes all traces of face makeup.

  5. Aw too bad it's not a super good product for removing makeup, thanks for the review though! I rec. the AHA Beauty Cleansing Oil from sasa, gets all my water-proof sunscreen and Shu Uemura primer off. ^^

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