Monday, October 4, 2010

Who doesn't love Handmade accessories?

I'm starting to like handmade stuffs recently, it all started with DSK Jewelry Co.™ which many would know esp those that are active in blogsphere. Another well-known one is made with ekiLove, but her items are so highly sought after usually shortly after the posting all items are grabbed up. Which is why, i have yet own a single pic of her item till date.

the beauty of Handmade stuffs is that, you can be sure its one & only and very original design created solely for you. Less worries of knocking on someone wearing the same thing as you do.

I chanced upon a local handmade brand that is available at my nearby mall while shopping with mt daughters one day. This is what i got.

Adorable looking hairclips for my gals and a pair of pretty rose earrings for me. They are so lovely packed.

They look even more cute once out of the package.

closer look at the clip, she uses really good quality fabric for the clip not to mention the cute prints. Its certainly unique.

The shade that she use are so popping that stands out on the entire look.

This pair of earring caught my attention immediately as its so finely detailed and has such a delicate look.

She printed her contactable details on the little paper slips which makes part of the packaging.

Here's a close up on how the clip looks when its open.

I'm loving the earrings and looking forward to collect more shades of it. The price are affordable for handmade. Its really durable to wear too.

For your info, i'm not affiliated to this lady making these items. This post is done purely out of appreciation of these cute little handmade stuffs that i got from her.

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  1. those clips are adorable! :) and the earrings are beyond lovely, looks very innocent and sweet. hihi! :)


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