Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Review: Freshel Cleansing Cream 250g (Sept 2010 new release)

Guess what, freshel from Kanebo is now officially available in Singapore! Its indeed a piece of good news.. This is a drugstore range by kanebo, i love another range from them call Media (but it was pulled out of SG many years back) Anyway, at least i can reach out to freshel.

But i bought this thru my gf from taiwan last month before knowing that it is onboard Singapore shore. This is their new product which was release Sep'2010 (based on the info provided from


It is promoted as a double duty cleansing product that can also massage your skin in one application.

Description (extracted from kanebo website)

A cleansing cream formulated with soft massaging powder that thoroughly removes makeup, pore-clogging dirt and old keratin, which contains melanin (the cause of dark spots and dullness), all at one time. Gentle on the skin and leaves it soft, clear, and free from dullness, while improving circulation with its massaging effect.

  • Soft massaging powder
  • Fruit acid mixture (exfoliating care & moisturizing ingredient)
  • Adhesive collagen (moisturizing ingredient)
  • Citrus peel extract (exfoliating care & moisturizing ingredient)
  • Orange peel extract (exfoliating care & moisturizing ingredient)
  • * Bilberry extract, sugarcane extract, orange extract, lemon extract, sugar maple extract

Its a heavy tub of goodness waiting to be reveal.

Instructions are printed all over the packaging, so you can expect no instructions manual.

As its for sale in Taiwan, as there is a chinese translated label indicating the content & uses.

They even instruct you how to open the package.

Just have to peel off the corner as per pic.

Japanese are really creative in making this process fuss free.

The back of the tub is printed with some jap words.

Its a top open lid tub, a foam sheet is being in place so no fear of spilling.

In order to reach out to the product, you have to twist open the lid and remove the foam sheet.


Today, i tested its makeup removal power by using Illamasqua blush & majolica majorca e/s

This is the amount of product used.

Within secs of massaging.

Its GONE but i can spot some shimmer residue, do you?

My Review:
Its a refreshing idea to combine cleansing, makeup removal with massaging. I feel that the PDC Oh My God Perfect Gel (6 in 1 Cleansing Solution) perform better on removing the shimmer particles on the skin than this. My skin does feel soft and moisturising all thanks to the fruity & collagen ingredient it contains. The massaging bead is really soft to my skin. This cleansing cream will be good to remove light makeup i guess. I tried it on my face with my full gear makeup, but it was not able to remove my Kiss Me Mascara and shimmer eyeshadow. The overall experience is still good, as my skin feel soft and moisturised after use.

As its recommended by the Beauty Guru (Niu-er) to let our skin have a break once a week. Which is to go without our full daily skincare at night just for one night per week. So i'm definitely gonna use this on that once a week skin breathing day!

Its makeup removal power does not bother me as i'm using Kiss Me Mascara Remover and prefers to use cleansing oil for removing my heavy makeup. Now i'm lemming to try out their cleansing oil.
Its priced at SGD24.00 per tub at Watsons islandwide


  1. Great and thorough review Karen! Thanks for the demonstration pictures. Too bad the cleansing cream does not take everything off. I've tried cleansing creams in the past but they have left really oily residue, doe this one do that? TY! :)

  2. Nice review :) I can see the shimmer residue too. Im still looking for one which can remove my heavy makeup easily. I just bought my Kiss Me Mascara Remover :) hope its nice :) Thanks for the recommendation :D

  3. Thanks for the review...I've never use any cleansing cream my whole life...but this looks like a great alternative esp. for me who has a dry skin...

  4. wow this looks like it took off make up very well. thanks!

  5. Thanks for the review! I do see the shimmer residue but it cleanses really good though!

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