Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Review: Etude House Kissful Lip Pots

You know how much i heart lip balm, in fact i can't live without them. So i normally would have a few lying around in case of emergency. Few months back, i bought this cute etude house lip balm from Gmarket Korea all out of its cute name & packaging...

It comes in a plastic transparent tub with sweet pink lid.

I bought it in #2, forgotten if this is the shade or what.

The balm is has a pastry buttery scent... And its in yellow...

It shows no color when apply on skin

My Review:
This balm is has a very thick texture but when it come into contact with my fingers they seems to soften and melt probably due to the slight warmth that comes from my fingers i guess. The balm glides really smoothly on my lips and keep them hydrated for hours. Yes, i mean hours... as they are kinda sticky. I would rate their stickiness as 8/10. At least they are transparent, so i could less worries about the stain they might cause. They really lock in moisture especially during the night, i would apply slightly thicker layer on my lips and wakes up with smooth & wrinkle-free lips...

I bought it at USD4+ each, not sure if they have other shades available but i will definitely re-purchase when i'm doing my next shopping at gmarket korea again.


  1. It looks so pretty! I mean, the packageing.


  2. Thanks for the review karen....looks like a great product not to mention the cute packaging..

  3. Great review Karen! It sounds like a nice affordable product, too bad it's a little hard to get in the U.S. but glad to hear it's working out for you. :)


thank u so much for ur sweet comments!


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