Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Mascara Review 16: Maybelline Hyer Curl Volum Express MascaraMascara

Recently, I had been exploring various mascara which includes drugstore brands.. I'm not just focusing on high-end items, i do take time to read up or even research but budget brands too. Maybelline is one of 1st brand i know of when i started my makeup adventure! I chanced upon this mascara when i was in HK and back then i was thinking when was the last time i used their mascara?? So decided to pick up and see if they could win my support back.

Tried googling for their official description but guess its not the latest version available.

its a plump tube! the pink wordings makes it look cute to me

HK watsons has the practice of pasting their store label tape on small items...

Here's the brush, not sure if you remember i LOVE mascara with curl brush as they makes application so much easier.

Now i love looking at my bare eye pics (with concealer on of course!)

WOW! That's exactly my reaction when i'm done with 1 coat! I never thought of achieving this much length & volume with this mascara...

As you can see, its pretty much lengthen and no clumps...

Before i forget to mention, its curling power is comparable to the Kiss Me one i'm liking right now.

Perfect lighting for this pic which i want to share!

Price: SGD18.90
Available at local watsons store
I must really say, this mascara certainly change my view of maybelline mascara again! saying again as i remember being their mascara fan before other Japan labels are available... Ever since, i got introduced to Majolica Majorca to Kiss me, Benefit etc and the current best fav Helena Rubinstein... I totally neglected about drugstore mascara. Application for this mascara was really a breeze, thanks to the curve brush design. The long lasting waterproof formula is just right for the warm & humid place i'm living in. I could easily remove it with L'oreal eye & lip remover. And also the curling power is fab too... Lashes stay in place all day.. The price, YEAH, is affordable as i always make an effort to finish up my mascara and dump them after 3 months. (for hygiene purposes)

I WANT to know what drugstore mascara you ever love or liking now??


  1. I've just found the most wonderful mascara. Also by Maybelline! It's the Pulse Perfection Mascara! Gives volume and length too!

  2. mascara review #16?! i didn't know you're that into mascaras karen!! :D

  3. If I'm not mistaken, they released this particular formula in a Hello Kitty packaging? Or is it another mascara? They all sound the same to me after a while haha =.=


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