Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Nail Swatch: China Glaze Pelican Gray

Did you gals purchase any new polishes recently? I noticed that the recent theme of polishes are all about the sea. Is it too coincidence? Anyway, i bought two polishes from Anchors Away range from China Glaze. My love for China Glaze somehow outgrow my love for OPI polishes these days. As i personally feel their formula last better. (its just my opinion)

Just by looking at this pics make me wana head out for holiday again!

Grey is one of my all time fav! And i do not have such light one in my collection so far. *do i??*

This is a pale looking kind of grey, pale yet creamy looking but after having a closer look it contains very fine fine shimmers...

China Glaze formula are fab! This shade lasted for a week + on my nails... I got questions from my colleagues on what brand or name of polish is this. So this color could be everybody fav too. Its very office-friendly kind of shade. I did not lose that little professional feel that i should have for carrying out my job. The shimmers didn't bother me much as you really need to take closer look before you realise it.


  1. Pretty!! Have yet to try China Glaze, OPI or Zoya and many more.. *coughs*

    Really? About the sea? I thought that it's all about yellow polishes!

  2. That is a sublime shade of grey!

  3. Perfect grey!


  4. lovely shade of grey! I have yet to try,been wanting to get but heart aches because of the price tag lol.

  5. i have not tried any grey nail polish before but this looks good!..i heart china glaze!! it cost cheaper than opi but still gives the same/better consistency too! but i still prefer opi widebrushes though..and its kind of hard to go back to other brands after trying out opi and chinaglaze hehe


thank u so much for ur sweet comments!


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