Monday, May 2, 2011

Review: BeautyMaker AquaMarine Softening Toner (120ml)

I found a few more BeautyMaker products while i was doing my Spring Cleaning, they were purchased last year thru my bestie and long forgotten. By the time i found them, they were months away to expiry so i thought i should put these BM stuffs on priority to use. This is part of the BM Aquamarine range which Fuz like their skin awakening gel. I'm a mist spray lover so thought it would be a good idea for the toner to dispense like mist.

My skin had turn relatively dry these days other than the T-zone still being oily in the middle of the day. This toner just same in time as it supposed to hydrate skin!

Its in a blueish packaging and have a refreshing cool water kind of scent, rather light.

Based on its description, this toner supposed to hydrate your skin and keep it well balanced. As hydrating is a MUST for all skin type not only for dry skin.

Content: 120ml
Price: NT300/SGD15.00
The toner works well on my skin and i'm finishing it in no time. I did a compare with spray it onto my face directly & spray on cotton pad... guess i prefer the cotton pad way for toner. No matter how much i love mist, i should still apply toner with cotton pad to remove any residue that may be present on my skin after cleansing... But the way of applying did not affect the effect of it on me. Skin does feel hydrated after use. I'm really quite amazed especially the price range of these products are inexpensive.


  1. i love how you always finish your stuff! good gal :)

    do try BR666! its really nice if you like your lashes long, curled and separated :)

  2. Have you tried Naruko? I wonder which brand is better, Beautymaker or Naruko.. Ahh I finish my lotions very quickly too, my skin just drinks them up!!


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